I didn’t want to go to a big shopping center or the mall. He wanted to go to Amoeba, but I dinb’t want to endure the long drive. when he suggested Rhino Records in Claremont I agreed since it is not that far. I haven’t been to 2 records in one week in a long time like 20 years or so. I thought I could get a copy of “Speak & Spell”. Hey if I’m not paying for it.

My dad thought I’ve been there before, but he took me to that area where the store is, and I went to a yogurt shop for a job interview. I wonder if that yogurt shop is still there? It was such a long time ago I had an idea for “Pope yogurt” which was vanilla yogurt mixed with white chocolate chips and marshmallows. I remember they had a flavor called “Harlem Shake”. I never really understood the appeal of that fad/dance. I think after that job interview he came back with a Jimi Hendrix album or considered buying one.

I found a “People are People” CD single. I’m in deep right? I had to research it. I knew it was old because it was under the Bong labeling system. Bong 5. As I looked at it salivating. So I tried to research it on my phone gave up and decided to buy it. I brought $10 with me. It was some of the money I had left over from that trip to the other record store.

I was unimpressed by the novelty items there. Usually I’m all over that stuff. I just looked at is as expensive clutter. Maybe I’ve grown up? There were some nice/cute things there like those tiny replica toys and some reproduction Monchichi dolls.

They had one box each for “Speak & Spell” and “A Broken Frame”. My dad told me he was not going to buy me a box set. I told him I didn’t want those. If I was gonna splurge on a singles box set I would get the “Music for the Masses” one.

They had buttons and stickers not many Depeche Mode ones though. They had some “Violator” stickers, but I didn’t like them. They only had a “Playing the Angel” group shot pin, but I wanted it because Martin’s picture was on it. I told the guy not to bag it and I put it on my sweatshirt.

I sort of snuck off to the store I went to on Tuesday.

I think if he wants another store to go to that one again closer to my birthday. Like at the end of December or early next year.

Later I found out I have this edition.