I couldn’t decide what to do should I show up to the class and take a final for a class I’m failing and never bothered to study for or just not go? I was unsure so I thought I’d flip a coin. Ok I didn’t really flip a coin I used an app. Same thing right?

I didn’t even want to go to the school, but my mom made me go. And that is a strange sentence to write at this age.

The bus was crowded on the ride there. There was this guy who got on with a huge box of Yum Yum donuts. I was so tempted to ask him for one.

I was there at school with my Depeche Mode “Playing the Angel” group shot pin on my sweatshirt that I’d had put on there yesterday.

I went all the way to the school. I was debating going to the final all morning until the time it was being held. So I just didn’t go to the final. I was still on campus though. I haven’t skipped out on a math final in a long time. Back when I was still at CSUF. I know I was under 20. That time though I was lucky enough to have a school that was near a mall. It was a short bus ride to the mall. I spent a few hours there and then caught the bus at the mall and went home.

I spent the whole time writing. Like 2 hours worth. I was upset because I thought I could get more writing done in that amount of time. If it’s November or not.

I was looking for the free food, and I didn’t even get a free juice box. 😦

On the ride home the bus wasn’t that crowded and I got home quickly.

I’m really upset. Not about the final. I knew the damage was done a long time ago. I’m upset because I’m at the same place I was before jobless and failed another math class. I’m not exactly at the same place I was before. I do have those 2 months of deli experience. But it feels like it.

Only 5 months and 10 days left. Unless I miscalculated.

I realized I’m turning 35 in a month. 😱