So my dad asked about what my last blog was about. He happened to read the title while I was trying to edit it. XoX

It sort of has to do with my battle plan. I know I need some “training”. I’ll work out all the details later. Because if I ask for help from my parents they will just think I’m doing some strange thing.

I’m working hard on my 1999 song list. There were a lot of good songs back then nu-metal and boy bands. Were ska and swing pretty much dead by then?

I really wanna sign up for that contest to give up your smartphone for a year. I had a flip phone up until 2016. So I think it would not be much of a problem. I’d save so much in phone bills. Although when it’s over I’d have to get my phone reactivated.

I had a silly thought what if Alf tried to eat Luna from Sailor Moon?