What the hell is this!?

Its horrible I have no idea what the hell its supposed to be. It sounds nothing like the old song. I’m surprised none of the other gumshoes I know have commented on this song. Why is it so different? Could they not get the rights to use the old song?

I think I would check out that new Carmen Sandiego cartoon if I had Netflix. Then I wondered if that new song is going to be the theme song for the new show. But it’s not like I have to see it.

I hate when my relatives get on my case about school. Were you working strange inconsistent shifts in a deli? Then I don’t think so. Get off my case and leave me alone.

I think I need to see if I have anymore 1998 text blogs. Besides the ones that were just a list of things with pictures. I’m already gathering ideas for my 1999 text blogs. I have not written anything yet.