My mom says I have to eventually go back to the store I quit at. *whines* I don’t wanna!

It wasn’t so bad this time. I felt anxious walking in, but as I shopped it seemed to go away. Something funny happened when I was checking out. The cashier who remembered me working there asked if I wanted to use my employee discount. This is funny for 2 reasons; I have not worked there in like 2 months, and you don’t get a discount until 3 months into the job. With the music I’m fine. I just happened to be listening to my “People are People” single. This was not intentional.

I made sure to keep a safe distance form the deli. I pretended to look at some fruit. While my mom went there. She said they were yelling. This is commonplace. When are they not yelling at you in the deli. When is there not yelling in the deli? Unless it is closed… sometimes.

I posted a few of my leftover 1988 and 1998 blog pics on Instagram. I think I have a few more I might post.

I read over my old 1998 text blogs and they were just more of me complaining about high school, and the school district I went to was poorly run.

I found this old 3 Minute Cooking video. It’s a Christmas themed episode.

Speaking of Japanese TV Japan Hollywood Network (Formerly UTB) is showing the Red and White Festival. It looks like the only good New Years show on this year. I’m not really interested in the other New Years programming coming up. I think NBC has given up on their New Years programming.