Happy Festivus!

When I still worked at the deli I had hoped to be there for Festivus. There is a place I would have loved to have an Airing of Grievances. I used to fantasize about this a lot besides eating donuts with Martin Gore. But that has nothing to do with Festivus. I would have wanted to gather everybody and have them at a dinner table like Frank Costanza did in the episode. I was gonna air my grievances in this entry, but since I’m trying to get back with company that would be a bad idea. I’m doing the opposite.

Actually this blog has been an Airing of Grievances of sorts. After I left the deli in utter frustration.

The Festivus Miracle would be that I got a job at that store, and it was run properly.

After I thought about it I do have a grievance to air, but it has nothing to do with the deli. To KAZA and KPXN tv why did you move to weaker signals now? I can’t watch you and I’m really upset.