But I had my job so that was like an early Christmas even if I was treated horribly there. I bought myself all these impulse buys. But I should be saving money even when I get another job. You can’t save money on whimsical impulse buys.

I realized there was still a huge list of 1998 songs/videos I never posted and there are still some good ones on that list. That will be in a separate blog entry. Possibly tomorrow it needs a bit of editing.

I got some Airheads taffy in my stocking and I was telling my mom some funny story about Airheads candy and overalls. But that happened to somebody else not me. And this is coming from somebody who put a cookie in a pocket of a raincoat when they were like 10. If you are curious to know it just crumbled and made a mess. Oh yeah and I got that copy of “Speak & Spell” I picked out at the Rhino Records. It’s the 2006 reissue copy. Let’s see my review of “Speak & Spell” would be; it’s simplistic word salad songwriting courtesy of Vince Clarke. Why do people hate on “Big Muff”? Even if you are a Martin Gore songwriting purist he wrote that song!

I’m not sure if I want to come out of the Depeche Mode closet to my cousins I think they might remember when I was younger and vocal about not liking them. Back when I still listened to rap music. If they ask me questions like “What did you get for Christmas?” or “What did you buy with your first paycheck at the deli?” then which the answers are “Speak & Spell” and “Violator”. It just sounds I don’t know “funny”. Well to them I mean. Since I was vocal about not liking them.

My dad got a Christmas Eve Raiders win even if they did have a pretty bad record for the season.