Since there were way too many songs to list and add the videos I decided just to make a list these were the last of my 1998 songs.

K’s choice – “Believe”
K’s Choice – “Everything for Free”
Hooverphonic – “Club Montepulciano”
Fiona Apple – “Never is a Promise”
Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away”
Ace of Base – “Cruel Summer” (cover)
Brandy – “Have you Ever”
God Lives Underwater – “From your Mouth”
Propellerheads – “Take California”
Knowledge – “Clinton Youth”
Reel Big Fish – “Take on Me” (cover)
Midget – “Invisible Balloon”
Soul Coughing – “Circles”
Lenny Kravitz – “American Woman” (cover)
MXPX – “I’m ok You’re ok”
The Slackers – “Have the Time”
Unwritten Law – “Holiday”
Unwritten Law – “California Sky”
The Ziggens – “The Waitress Song”
Korn – “Got the Life”
Gob – “What to Do”
They Might be Giants – “Dr. Worm”
The Presidents of the USA – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (cover)
Sloppy Seconds – “15 Minutes or it’s Free”
Gas Huffer – “Rotten Egg”
Ten Foot Pole – “The Getaway”
Air – “Sexy Boy”
Cheater – “Teenage Zero”
2 Skinnie J’s – “Riot Nrrrd”
Digger“Space Cadet” by
Prozzak- “Sucks to be You”
Eve 6 – “Tongue Tied”
The Killingtons – “Best I Know”
Lo Fidelity Allstars – “Battleflag” (a song nobody quite knew the name of)
Hagfish – “Stamp”
Dope Smugglaz – “The Word”
Wagon Christ – “Lovely”
Stardust – “Music Sounds Better with You”
Bleach – “Super Good Feeling”
Faith Evans – “Love like this Before”
Eve 6 – “Leech”
Eagle Eye Cherry – “Falling in Love Again”
Swirl 360 – “Candy in the Sun”
Big Pun “Still not a Player”
Prozzak – “Strange Disease”
Saint Etienne – “The Bad Photographer”
Pearl Jam – “Do the Evolution”
Shawn Mullins – “Lullaby”
Swirl 360 – “Hey Now Now”
Rancid – “Bloodclot”
Divine – “Lately”
Brandy – “Have you Ever”
Janet Jackson – “Everytime”
Janet Jackson – “You”
Janet Jackson – “Go Deep”
Janet Jackson – “I get Lonely”
Usher – “Nice & Slow”
Next – “Too Close”
Celine Dion – “My Heart will go On” (my 8th grade graduation song which I thought was poor choice just trying to ride on the Titanic movie trend)
KC & Jo-Jo – “All of my Life”
Deborah Cox – “Nobody Supposed to be Here”
Tatiana Ali – “Daydreamin”
Mad Caddies – “Road Rash”
All Saints – “Never Ever”
Outcast – “Rosa Parks”