Schools out for Winter Time, a Word That Rhymes — December 10, 2018

Schools out for Winter Time, a Word That Rhymes

I couldn’t decide what to do should I show up to the class and take a final for a class I’m failing and never bothered to study for or just not go? I was unsure so I thought I’d flip a coin. Ok I didn’t really flip a coin I used an app. Same thing right?

I didn’t even want to go to the school, but my mom made me go. And that is a strange sentence to write at this age.

The bus was crowded on the ride there. There was this guy who got on with a huge box of Yum Yum donuts. I was so tempted to ask him for one.

I was there at school with my Depeche Mode “Playing the Angel” group shot pin on my sweatshirt that I’d had put on there yesterday.

I went all the way to the school. I was debating going to the final all morning until the time it was being held. So I just didn’t go to the final. I was still on campus though. I haven’t skipped out on a math final in a long time. Back when I was still at CSUF. I know I was under 20. That time though I was lucky enough to have a school that was near a mall. It was a short bus ride to the mall. I spent a few hours there and then caught the bus at the mall and went home.

I spent the whole time writing. Like 2 hours worth. I was upset because I thought I could get more writing done in that amount of time. If it’s November or not.

I was looking for the free food, and I didn’t even get a free juice box. 😦

On the ride home the bus wasn’t that crowded and I got home quickly.

I’m really upset. Not about the final. I knew the damage was done a long time ago. I’m upset because I’m at the same place I was before jobless and failed another math class. I’m not exactly at the same place I was before. I do have those 2 months of deli experience. But it feels like it.

Only 5 months and 10 days left. Unless I miscalculated.

I realized I’m turning 35 in a month. 😱

That’s a Record — December 9, 2018

That’s a Record

I didn’t want to go to a big shopping center or the mall. He wanted to go to Amoeba, but I dinb’t want to endure the long drive. when he suggested Rhino Records in Claremont I agreed since it is not that far. I haven’t been to 2 records in one week in a long time like 20 years or so. I thought I could get a copy of “Speak & Spell”. Hey if I’m not paying for it.

My dad thought I’ve been there before, but he took me to that area where the store is, and I went to a yogurt shop for a job interview. I wonder if that yogurt shop is still there? It was such a long time ago I had an idea for “Pope yogurt” which was vanilla yogurt mixed with white chocolate chips and marshmallows. I remember they had a flavor called “Harlem Shake”. I never really understood the appeal of that fad/dance. I think after that job interview he came back with a Jimi Hendrix album or considered buying one.

I found a “People are People” CD single. I’m in deep right? I had to research it. I knew it was old because it was under the Bong labeling system. Bong 5. As I looked at it salivating. So I tried to research it on my phone gave up and decided to buy it. I brought $10 with me. It was some of the money I had left over from that trip to the other record store.

I was unimpressed by the novelty items there. Usually I’m all over that stuff. I just looked at is as expensive clutter. Maybe I’ve grown up? There were some nice/cute things there like those tiny replica toys and some reproduction Monchichi dolls.

They had one box each for “Speak & Spell” and “A Broken Frame”. My dad told me he was not going to buy me a box set. I told him I didn’t want those. If I was gonna splurge on a singles box set I would get the “Music for the Masses” one.

They had buttons and stickers not many Depeche Mode ones though. They had some “Violator” stickers, but I didn’t like them. They only had a “Playing the Angel” group shot pin, but I wanted it because Martin’s picture was on it. I told the guy not to bag it and I put it on my sweatshirt.

I sort of snuck off to the store I went to on Tuesday.

I think if he wants another store to go to that one again closer to my birthday. Like at the end of December or early next year.

Later I found out I have this edition.


Many Happy Returns? — December 7, 2018

Many Happy Returns?

So I sent back the math book back to Amazon. I don’t even feel like studying. I don’t even wanna show up for the final. When was the last time I skipped out on a final? It was in 2015.

This is a good music video. Lots of great shots of Martin, and Alan too if he is your favorite member.

The next video missing from their official youtube channel after “Somebody” would be “It’s Called a Heart”. “It’s Called a Heart” will probably be on the “Black Celebration” box set along with the song “Shake the Disease”.

I thought I’d work on my 1999 song list. There are lots of good songs that came out that year. Maybe I’ll post a few more songs blogs for 1998. No guarantees though.

Impossible Feat? — December 5, 2018

Impossible Feat?

When I got my test back it was bad, but I was not surprised or anything. And my grade in the class is bad and still no surprise there. It’s like an Usagi grade. 😭 I didn’t realize the final is a month before my birthday. So I wanted to know about acing the final. When I asked him he said it’s never been done before. Which was kinda what I was thinking. 😥 Now I know how to spend my time. I’m a realist not insane.

Part of me misses that sadistic deli.

I’ll do what I always do drown my sorrows in some music videos. I think I’ll start with this one.

I thought about that time one of my coworkers caught me singing that song while slicing meats. I was singing this part: “The thoughts in my head, All the words that were said, All the blues and the reds, Get to me”. I think the next 2 remastered videos they’ll release will be “Blasphemous Rumours”and “Somebody” since those are the 2 singles off “Some Great Reward” that are not on their official youtube channel.

I think I’ll binge watch some music videos and throw some 3rd wave ska ones in the mix for good measure.

My mom wants me to study and not leave the class without a fight. No way! Not gonna happen. Maybe I’ll feign studying like that kid in the Chutes and Ladders game who is reading the comic book. I can work on my writing or my fan art or something.

Have a Musical Day! — December 4, 2018

Have a Musical Day!

I got the idea for the title somewhere… 😂😅🤔

My mom was looking for something at the thrift store. Usually I go there looking for Sanrio stuff or some media like movies and CDs. I thought “IDK maybe I’ll find a copy of ‘Ultra’ or something.” I found some Weird Al cassettes. Ok so it’s not Depeche Mode, but finding Weird Al cassettes from the 80s are way moby! It made me want to dip my arms in chocolate and shave off one eyebrow.

Since that thrift store is by the mall I had her drop me off there. I wanted to meander there before I was going to where I really wanted to.

The mall was just chock full of K-pop stuff.

When I go to the Hot Topic I can’t believe now they have “Behind the Wheel” shirts after I ordered that one online 2 months ago well I had a job back then. *shrugs*. They had like a whole stack of them. XoX

I wanted to go to this 80s themed record store. The problem is that it opens late in the morning. I had really wanted to go to that store for a while now. Like for a month. I thought I shouldn’t go since I don’t have a job and money to spend there. I wanted to go on Friday, but my dad made me go to my storage space instead. My main objective was to buy something with Martin Gore’s picture on it.

When I get there the shopkeeper is talking to some guy and ignoring me. I’m listening to what they are saying even if I looked like I was listening to music on my headphones. It made me think about Elaine at Putumayo.

The guy talking to the shopkeeper didn’t know much about music even if he claimed to he called Bush’s album “Seventeen Stone” it’s called “Sixteen Stone”. He also couldn’t remember the title to “Machinehead”. I think he called it the “Breathe in, breathe out song” or something like that. I chimed in with that one. And he told a Material Issue joke.

I was so tempted to buy a copy of “Speak & Spell” there, but I think I can get it cheaper on Amazon.

There was some pretty interesting stuff in there including jewelry with Dave Gahan’s picture on it. If it was Martin I would have considered it or even Gwen Stefani.

They had lots of nice Depeche Mode shirts there. I thought about buying one. Then if I would have come back with a shirt my parents would have said I have a problem or something. It’s happened to me before so I didn’t wanna chance it.

I thought I was going to tell my dad about that store, but I’m not sure if the would like it. It doesn’t really carry stuff he would be into. He’s not into like the kind of 80s bands they had there like punk and synth bands.

Straight Down the Middle Until Next Thursday — December 3, 2018

Straight Down the Middle Until Next Thursday

Your logic doesn’t work there. The only logic that works there is (name of store chain) logic.

I already got rejected by a similar store chain. 😭 I really wanted to work for them.

I asked my mom if she would have worked at the deli and she told me that she would have quit there after a week after not being trained and working strange and inconsistent hours.

My horoscope was wrong. 😦

When I get to school. I see it’s crowded today. The last week before finals. Everybody’s last ditch effort.

I just wanna chill while listening to the album “Black Celebration” and finish up my math homework. Until I got an idea for some fan art and wrote about that for a few minutes. Then that girl comes to the tutoring center who I still don’t know the name of. I ended up talking to her more than do math problems. I realized I didn’t do something I needed to do in Excel. 😭 She said she didn’t come to class for a week. I told her I thought I had not seen her in class for the past week. Very few people are coming to class. I’ll just ride it out like a bad shift at the deli. She said she was going to write her name on the test and then turn it in.

She told me that it was easier to take the class at the other college I went to. then I just started ranting about that crazy reporter teacher. It really has nothing to do with math and more about communications. Which I don’t even know when I said that.

When I get there the teacher is eating a sandwich. I decided to turn in what I had. It’s better than nothing.

When the tests gets passed out she holds onto it for a little while and then turns it in. I was like XD. And she did do that. Since I was really struggling with the test I was daydreaming about a lot of things shirtless members of Depeche Mode, old Madtv and SNL skits, and kawaii pencils among other random things. I had that problem when I look at the test and blank out. XoX I tried to nurse it as much as I could.

I should ask the teacher if he knows about how many people have accomplished the acing the final feat. I think it would be pretty low, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure if I can handle it. Trying to learn a semesters worth of statistics in one week? Or should I focus on my other endeavors? I wondered what was the success rate. Can he give as statistic? I think that’s why he offers it because so few people can do it. I mean I’ve seen this before with other educators in my past. Thinking about this made me realize I’ve been in school for a long time.

Depeche Mode released a remastered music video for “Get the Balance Right” to promote their box sets that are going to be released later in the month.

When I saw they posted that I wanted to watch it but I was on the bus and didn’t want to waste data. That was one of the first things I did when I went home.