Being Selfish For the Right Reasons — January 31, 2019
Sayonara Sailor Moon Drops — January 29, 2019

Sayonara Sailor Moon Drops

Sailor Moon Drops is shutting down. 😭😩😡

From the official facebook page. “[Important Notice] [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops]Shutting Down

We regret to announce the closure of [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops]. Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoyed playing.
We will be keeping the servers open until 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019, so please continue to enjoy [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops] until the very end.

All items can be used until the last day, so if you have any items or Gems in your account, please use them before 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019, Also, from today, we are disabling the purchase of Gems.

For more information, please check in-game announcements.

*The exact time service will no longer be available may vary depending on your region.”

They are shutting down both versions English and Japanese.

After I got the news I started downloading all the complete wallpapers I had in the game. Back when I still worked in the deli my Deli Senpai was amazed at all the different wallpapers I had in the game and never used them. He wondered how I got so many different characters to play as. I explained to him how the events worked. He thought I poured money into the game. I never pour money into online or mobile games. I also started screen shooting a whole bunch of things from the game.

Now I have to decide what to do with all the power up items I’ve been “saving for a rainy day.”

It’s fitting that the last event is Super Sailor Saturn the sailor of death and rebirth.

Too bad we never got Fisheye in the English version.

I’m looking for another mobile game to fill the void perhaps I will take up Cookie Jam again or Candy Crush Soda? I have played those both before and reached a high level but on facebook and I don’t wanna sync up the data. I was level 300 on Cookie Jam like 3 years ago

As of now I’m picking up Cookie Jam again little by little.

Now with it being gone soon maybe I can focus more on job hunting or math homework.

In other non match 3 game related news.

It seems none of the places I applied to have called back. 😓

I came up with an idea for a Halloween costume already. Its only the end of January Halloween is not for another 9 months. I think it needs some drawings.

It’s Called Pocket Monsters in Japan — January 28, 2019

It’s Called Pocket Monsters in Japan

When my cousin did his first communion they threw a party. He got presents. One of the presents he got one of those talking pikachu toys.
Somebody put it on his pinball machine. For some reason I thought it was funny.

My family got him some Pokemon stickers that said “Pocket Monsters” on them.

pikachupm1 001 - Copy

pikachupm2 001 - Copy

[the ones on top are from my personal collection the shiny part is the front the sticker and the other picture is the back of them] [not for sale or trade]

(this one with the charmander on it is not mine)


He kept saying Pocket Monsters are not Pokemon. I said that’s what they are called in Japan. But all my other relatives got mad at me.

Our grandma gave him one of those 200-in-one game things that is also a calculator. And he wouldn’t let me play with it. I remember there being a knockoff Frogger game on it.


The key chain version were a fad at my junior high back in late 97 early 98. All the kids had one and they wore them on a chain like a necklace. My mom told me about them, but by the time I got to the dollar store to get one they were all sold out! Thanks mom!


I finally got one years later like in 2003 at a different dollar store. The girl at the store said if I wanted it because the box was open and I didn’t care. Most of the games are Tetris type games.

20180315_211037 - Copy

20180315_211023 - Copy

20180315_211011 - Copy

Don’t Go Making Phony Calls — January 26, 2019

Don’t Go Making Phony Calls

So my mom and I had to watch my 10 year old cousin for 2 days in a row.

Yesterday when she came we watched Pokemon episodes. I told her they were very old and had “ancient” commercials on them. These DVDs were sourced from my tapes from ’98, ’99 and 2000. While were eating dinner she was prank calling restaurants and stuff. We sort of watched cartoons. I was paying attention more than her. She was doing that “Is your refrigerator running?” joke. For some reason she managed to fool somebody. XD She was just doing random dumb things like singing songs and yelling “Pikachu!”in the phone. I told her about “Prince Albert in a Can”, but she didn’t know what that was.

For some reason she thought it was funny when I sang the “Carmen Sandiego 2020” song. I was trying to describe it, but it was easier for me to just sing it instead. She is not familiar with that one or the original. When I played her them she didn’t like either song. And she didn’t like their old song “Hula Holiday”. Later I got a hankering to listen to the Weird Al song “Phony Calls”. I think the first time I heard it was on the Dr. Demento show. Then I thought if she did listen to it would she even know it was a parody of TLC’s “Waterfalls”? Or who TLC even is?

She came back again today. No prank calls today though. I did have a really funny spiel and place she could call. But my mom said I could not encourage her to make prank calls. I think she was bored because all we watched on tv was Classic Concentration, the NHL all star game, and boxing. While I told her about the Fox hockey robots and the glowing puck. Which came out 14 years before she was born. And about some NBC commentator named Pierre. Who my dad thought I made up for some reason. When I told her about my cell I made out of chewed gum in 5th grade she thought it was so funny. She also thought the leprechaun skit I was in when I was in 7th grade was funny too. She though it was really funny when I was saying some app was like a Talkboy that took cassettes. I sounded like an old person rambling. We did watch more Pokemon though. I didn’t realize my homebrew DVDs had some rare episodes on them.

10 Movies From 1999 — January 25, 2019

10 Movies From 1999

Here is a list of 10 movies from 1999. Some of these will get their own entry. Never Been Kissed did already and I will be writing separate blogs for the First Pokemon Movie and She’s All That. They have fun little antidotes that go along with them.

Toy Story 2


I’ve never seen all of this movie. I saw the Toy Story movies out of order 1, 3, then 2.



I remember this was a popular movie, but I’ve never seen it. I do remember there was a cartoon series based off it.

Doug’s First Movie


I saw this movie in the theater. It’s kinda lackluster. You know Greg Lee is in this movie. As a voice actor. I remember collecting the McDonald’s key chains was a fad at my school. I have the Quailman one.

The Iron Giant


Never saw this one. I know the film has a cult following today.

Jack Frost


I remember my English teacher telling the class this movie was horrible. Never saw it. I thought the CGI looked creepy.

Star Wars Episode1 The Phantom Menace


To be honest I never seen a whole Star Wars movie. I remember all the marketing surrounding this movie. But it was not as crazy as the marketing for The Force Awakens. The hype for episode 1 was intense.

Never Been Kissed


I wrote a review about it here.

She’s All That


I saw this movie after going to a horrible school assembly.

1st Pokemon Movie



This has a funny little story that goes along with me seeing it and homecoming at my high school and an emerald ring. Honestly I didn’t like it much. There were so many better Pokemon movies that came out after it.

200 Cigarettes


I don’t know much about this movie. I remember reading about it in one of my teen magazines and that it had a lot of star power and was set in the 80s.

A String of Bad Luck — January 24, 2019

A String of Bad Luck

My landline phone has been out for over a week! The internet is spotty because of this. And my cell service was out yesterday for over 12 hours! It was their problem and not mine.

I reapplied to that store chain I used to work at. And they didn’t lock me out which means I only had 3 months or less. Luckily there were no deli potions open. I applied for cashier. If I do get rehired the only thing I hope is that they don’t make leave my register to go help at the deli because the rotisserie chickens need to be taken out because I’m the only person “qualified” to do it. I mean they used to make my deli senpai help in the deli when we were understaffed. They could use that 2 months of deli “experience” and I’m using the term loosely against me.

After I thought about it if I do go back to school I’ll need to get a learn how to use an approved calculator. I’m taking a class with the same teacher I had last spring semester but a lower level class.

Don’t you hate when you can sense something really badly? My INFPness has been off the chart lately.

Log In Log Out — January 23, 2019

Log In Log Out

So back when I was working at the deli I ordered this raccoon log cake. I had wanted one of these since I was a child looking at Swiss Colony catalogues. It has gone by many names including “Orphan log” and “Forest Friends log”.

log2 001 - Copy


log1 001 - Copy


20190123_183401 - Copy

When I took it out of the box it looked gorgeous. It was worth what I paid for it including shipping. If I had stayed there longer I would have bought some mail order gourmet meats.

I didn’t eat it for a long time because it came by Christmas and then my dad’s and my birthday cakes. It looks as good as it tastes. It’s a bit hard to cut with that chocolate coating.

Copy the Dress — January 22, 2019

Copy the Dress

Since the Oscars are coming up I thought I write about this topic quickly. This was another school thing that needed to be explained to me. This is literally what I wrote in my 1999 blog notes: “Back when you had to copy a dress”. One thing they took very seriously at my high school was fashion. They took spirit week seriously and anything that involved formal wear or the excuse to wear some at an event even if you were overdressed for the occasion.

After the Oscars were held and all the celebrities showed up in their gorgeous outfits. The juniors and seniors would buy a bunch of magazines like US Weekly and People or anything that was about Oscar fashion. Rip out the pages and take the pictures to the local dress makers to make their prom dress a replica of something that was worn at the Oscars that year.

I have to say during my prom going years I did not have the luxury or money to do this. Junior Prom was kinda thrown on me last minute. Senior Prom I was debating about that or going to a No Doubt concert. (prom was boring and had weird food I should have gone with No Doubt)

Address the Problems on your Resume — January 21, 2019

Address the Problems on your Resume

So I went to that job interview today. Since it was a holiday traffic was light. Before I left I made sure to study the restaurant’s website. I wasn’t sure that they were going to make me recite some items off their menu or the history of the establishment.

I forgot I need to get a padfolio I need to look professional. I had been looking for one but forgot about, but now that I have some money saved I can invest in one. Then I realized that I never put the address of the store I worked at on my resume and that I’d need to. The girl sitting next to me had her picture on her resume. I’m weird I thought it looked “funny”.

The interview went ok I think? I was about what I knew about the company. Good thing I read up on them about a half hour before I left. I was asked how I handle high stress situations I said I used to work the deli alone on evenings where it was crowded and dinner time.  I guess that was the right answer? *shrugs* I mean it was true. The good thing was I didn’t get asked stupid questions like: “How many tennis balls can you fit in a double decker bus?” or something strange like that.

I need to work on my elevator pitch.

Not Quite the Opposite — January 18, 2019

Not Quite the Opposite

So I caught myself inadvertently doing the opposite. I signed up for school again.  But I really really don’t wanna go back at all. The good thing was I didn’t owe that much in fees like last time.

Why didn’t I see it the answer was right there in front of me? Take easier classes. I have not passed a math class in over a decade and I know I’m rusty. I forgot how to complete the square or maybe I never learned it I can’t remember. 🤔

I got the idea when I was reading one of my old diary entries. It was about the movie She’s All That and me getting bad grades. I was going to post it until I saw there was a Schooled episode about the movie and I didn’t want people to think I was immediately influenced by watching that episode. I don’t know personally I don’t like that show I find it kinda boring, and it can’t keep my attention. I’m done with it after 2 episodes.

I need to be an invaluable worker which means having no life outside of work including going to school. That was part of the battle plan. It’s not like I need school anyway. What is continually failing classes going to do for me anyway? Just waste money, time, and resources.

The only way I could do it both is if I worked under 20 hours a week and I want 30+.