I got a strange check in the mail from the store I worked at. I thought I was the victim of identity theft or something. It was dated from December. I didn’t work there in December. I went back to ask about it. The guy from personnel first asked me if it was an old check, but I would cash them as soon as I got them. I pointed out it was from December. Then he told me it was unpaid wages. Yay! more money for me! ^-^

So KTTV had a 70th anniversary show that was on yesterday. It was ok I wish they would have devoted more time to local children’s programming and to sports. They showed about how they have an archive in a salt mine. I was thinking “Do you have any King Koopa’s Kool Kartoon footage?” After I watched it with my dad I said “Now I should go complain about the show online with other locals who watched it.”

My 2019 writing goals are to write ten 1000+ word fics. Write 23 novels and publish 5 of them by the end of the year. Just kidding. Although I do hope to write a lot. Amount not specified. But I have been working on my 1999 blogs. Plus people are going to get nostalgic for the 2010s all year. Compiling decade lists. This decade was so “meh” to me I can’t really think of anything from it that really stood out from a pop culture standpoint. The year is young give some time to think about them. 🤔

The one goal I would like to accomplish this year would be to get another job. No wait my second one would be to learn how to drive.

I did see that stalled railroad themed float that caught on fire at the parade on tv. And that part with the football being thrown was pretty cheesy and why did Kobe Bryant catch it? He’s a basketball player? That made no sense.