Since today is my birthday and I turned 35 I’m supposed to feel different, but I don’t. Now that I’m older I really only think about ages that end in a “0” or a “5”. At least I wasn’t as depressed as I was when I turned 30.

I picked out the cake. Cherry chip cake. What a nostalgic flavor!

I watched nostalgic music videos. some that I’m going to add to my 1999 list. For relaxation and research purposes.

I got a copy of “Songs of Faith and Devotion”.

An appropriate present to get on the 25th anniversary the single release of “In Your Room”.

When we bought it a few days ago and I picked it out at the record store. I played “One Caress” for my dad on the ride home from the record store. He said the song was fancy with the strings in it. I was telling him about when Martin brought it back for Tour of the Universe. I was also telling him the story about all the trouble they went through recording it.

I thought about how they kinda did nothing for a while. And I probably can’t teach myself how to drum like Alan did. Well there were a lot problems they were going through. I’m digressing aren’t I? It made me think about all those hobbyists who told me I had to do what worked for them. I don’t know watching that documentary made me feel not so bad about myself. Doing something that worked for other bands obliviously didn’t work for Depeche Mode.

So supposedly my tastes and skin are supposed to change. *Looks at arm* I don’t know it just looks more wrinkly. But I noticed that a few months ago. Maybe I need to buy some wrinkle cream? Or stop eating so much bacon?

We went to eat a restaurant which is near the store I worked at. I don’t know after working at the deli I can’t look at food the same way anymore; it’s hard to describe. (mostly the types of food we sold there like orange chicken, rotisserie chicken and cold cuts) My dad told me to get over it, but I don’t know it’s like after I took that acting class. It took me a long time to enjoy watching any production; mostly tv shows and movies thinking “What are they using for substitution?”