I was going through my old diaries and I found an old entry from my birthday in 1999. After I thought about it I haven’t had a birthday party in 20 years which kinda sad; maybe?

So the day started off with me calling up Are-oh-vee and putting in a request for the No Doubt video “Trapped in a Box”. (they didn’t play it )😢

I didn’t want it to be too cheesy so I put up anime pictures for decorations and told my relatives it was a Japanese themed party. Even though all we ate were sandwiches. I invited my friend to the party, but she never showed up. I was kinda disappointed. We watched Island of the Giant Pokemon and some music videos. My mom made up some silly trivia game that was like Jaywalking or Street Smarts. My parents let me play some ska CDs at the party.

I got some Sailor Moon Bandai role play toys the Sailor Locket, the Cosmic Crescent Wand and the Jewel Box. Then my little cousin and I played Sailor Moon the backyard with the toys.

I told my cousin that I requested “Trapped in a Box” on Are-oh-Vee and she told me the video isn’t that good. I did see that music video eventually my cousin was right it’s not that good. It’s ok. Not my favorite No Doubt video that’s a tie between “Spiderwebs” and “New”.