This post is in reference to the Smash Mouth video “Then the Morning Comes” mentioned in this blog.

One of my friends at school couldn’t decide if she wanted to have a party or not at lunch. She was warning about the people who would be there who we didn’t know because we didn’t go to school with them. A conceited girl and her brother.

One of my friends was going to meet with me after school to go walk to that girl’s house after school to go to her party. None of our other friends me up with us. I had to tell my mom what I was doing and I gave her my backpack to take home for me. So we had to find this girl’s house by ourselves. We got vague directions and just guessed. We were wandering around walking for a half hour. So we went to some random lady’s house and used her phone to call that girl’s house for directions.

(Of course now a days things like this are not as likely to happen with cellphones/smartphones being so common. This sounds like the plot of a comedy show before cell phones were so common.)

We mostly hung out in her backyard and garage. She had a pool table and there and taught us how to play pool. We ate and had fun. My friend who I got lost with on the way over there was crushing on that girl’s brother. She was always getting a crush on some guy like every 5 minutes. She was so boy crazy. That girl we didn’t know wasn’t mean to us and I thought she was funny. They thought my idea of cola floats (cola and vanilla ice cream) was silly until somebody else tried one, and they thought it was good.

I tend to have a polarizing effect on people. They either like me or don’t when they first meet me. I’m not the type to write how cool I am or how much people like me in my social media profiles. I find that just so strange.