So I caught myself inadvertently doing the opposite. I signed up for school again.  But I really really don’t wanna go back at all. The good thing was I didn’t owe that much in fees like last time.

Why didn’t I see it the answer was right there in front of me? Take easier classes. I have not passed a math class in over a decade and I know I’m rusty. I forgot how to complete the square or maybe I never learned it I can’t remember. 🤔

I got the idea when I was reading one of my old diary entries. It was about the movie She’s All That and me getting bad grades. I was going to post it until I saw there was a Schooled episode about the movie and I didn’t want people to think I was immediately influenced by watching that episode. I don’t know personally I don’t like that show I find it kinda boring, and it can’t keep my attention. I’m done with it after 2 episodes.

I need to be an invaluable worker which means having no life outside of work including going to school. That was part of the battle plan. It’s not like I need school anyway. What is continually failing classes going to do for me anyway? Just waste money, time, and resources.

The only way I could do it both is if I worked under 20 hours a week and I want 30+.