So I went to that job interview today. Since it was a holiday traffic was light. Before I left I made sure to study the restaurant’s website. I wasn’t sure that they were going to make me recite some items off their menu or the history of the establishment.

I forgot I need to get a padfolio I need to look professional. I had been looking for one but forgot about, but now that I have some money saved I can invest in one. Then I realized that I never put the address of the store I worked at on my resume and that I’d need to. The girl sitting next to me had her picture on her resume. I’m weird I thought it looked “funny”.

The interview went ok I think? I was about what I knew about the company. Good thing I read up on them about a half hour before I left. I was asked how I handle high stress situations I said I used to work the deli alone on evenings where it was crowded and dinner time.  I guess that was the right answer? *shrugs* I mean it was true. The good thing was I didn’t get asked stupid questions like: “How many tennis balls can you fit in a double decker bus?” or something strange like that.

I need to work on my elevator pitch.