Since the Oscars are coming up I thought I write about this topic quickly. This was another school thing that needed to be explained to me. This is literally what I wrote in my 1999 blog notes: “Back when you had to copy a dress”. One thing they took very seriously at my high school was fashion. They took spirit week seriously and anything that involved formal wear or the excuse to wear some at an event even if you were overdressed for the occasion.

After the Oscars were held and all the celebrities showed up in their gorgeous outfits. The juniors and seniors would buy a bunch of magazines like US Weekly and People or anything that was about Oscar fashion. Rip out the pages and take the pictures to the local dress makers to make their prom dress a replica of something that was worn at the Oscars that year.

I have to say during my prom going years I did not have the luxury or money to do this. Junior Prom was kinda thrown on me last minute. Senior Prom I was debating about that or going to a No Doubt concert. (prom was boring and had weird food I should have gone with No Doubt)