My landline phone has been out for over a week! The internet is spotty because of this. And my cell service was out yesterday for over 12 hours! It was their problem and not mine.

I reapplied to that store chain I used to work at. And they didn’t lock me out which means I only had 3 months or less. Luckily there were no deli potions open. I applied for cashier. If I do get rehired the only thing I hope is that they don’t make leave my register to go help at the deli because the rotisserie chickens need to be taken out because I’m the only person “qualified” to do it. I mean they used to make my deli senpai help in the deli when we were understaffed. They could use that 2 months of deli “experience” and I’m using the term loosely against me.

After I thought about it if I do go back to school I’ll need to get a learn how to use an approved calculator. I’m taking a class with the same teacher I had last spring semester but a lower level class.

Don’t you hate when you can sense something really badly? My INFPness has been off the chart lately.