Here is a list of 10 movies from 1999. Some of these will get their own entry. Never Been Kissed did already and I will be writing separate blogs for the First Pokemon Movie and She’s All That. They have fun little antidotes that go along with them.

Toy Story 2


I’ve never seen all of this movie. I saw the Toy Story movies out of order 1, 3, then 2.



I remember this was a popular movie, but I’ve never seen it. I do remember there was a cartoon series based off it.

Doug’s First Movie


I saw this movie in the theater. It’s kinda lackluster. You know Greg Lee is in this movie. As a voice actor. I remember collecting the McDonald’s key chains was a fad at my school. I have the Quailman one.

The Iron Giant


Never saw this one. I know the film has a cult following today.

Jack Frost


I remember my English teacher telling the class this movie was horrible. Never saw it. I thought the CGI looked creepy.

Star Wars Episode1 The Phantom Menace


To be honest I never seen a whole Star Wars movie. I remember all the marketing surrounding this movie. But it was not as crazy as the marketing for The Force Awakens. The hype for episode 1 was intense.

Never Been Kissed


I wrote a review about it here.

She’s All That


I saw this movie after going to a horrible school assembly.

1st Pokemon Movie



This has a funny little story that goes along with me seeing it and homecoming at my high school and an emerald ring. Honestly I didn’t like it much. There were so many better Pokemon movies that came out after it.

200 Cigarettes


I don’t know much about this movie. I remember reading about it in one of my teen magazines and that it had a lot of star power and was set in the 80s.