When my cousin did his first communion they threw a party. He got presents. One of the presents he got one of those talking pikachu toys.


Somebody put it on his pinball machine. For some reason I thought it was funny.

My family got him some Pokemon stickers that said “Pocket Monsters” on them.

pikachupm1 001 - Copy

pikachupm2 001 - Copy

[the ones on top are from my personal collection the shiny part is the front the sticker and the other picture is the back of them] [not for sale or trade]

(this one with the charmander on it is not mine)


He kept saying Pocket Monsters are not Pokemon. I said that’s what they are called in Japan. But all my other relatives got mad at me.

Our grandma gave him one of those 200-in-one game things that is also a calculator. And he wouldn’t let me play with it. I remember there being a knockoff Frogger game on it.



The key chain version were a fad at my junior high back in late 97 early 98. All the kids had one and they wore them on a chain like a necklace. My mom told me about them, but by the time I got to the dollar store to get one they were all sold out! Thanks mom!


I finally got one years later like in 2003 at a different dollar store. The girl at the store said if I wanted it because the box was open and I didn’t care. Most of the games are Tetris type games.

20180315_211037 - Copy

20180315_211023 - Copy

20180315_211011 - Copy