Sailor Moon Drops is shutting down. 😭😩😡

From the official facebook page. “[Important Notice] [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops]Shutting Down

We regret to announce the closure of [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops]. Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoyed playing.
We will be keeping the servers open until 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019, so please continue to enjoy [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops] until the very end.

All items can be used until the last day, so if you have any items or Gems in your account, please use them before 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019, Also, from today, we are disabling the purchase of Gems.

For more information, please check in-game announcements.

*The exact time service will no longer be available may vary depending on your region.”

They are shutting down both versions English and Japanese.

After I got the news I started downloading all the complete wallpapers I had in the game. Back when I still worked in the deli my Deli Senpai was amazed at all the different wallpapers I had in the game and never used them. He wondered how I got so many different characters to play as. I explained to him how the events worked. He thought I poured money into the game. I never pour money into online or mobile games. I also started screen shooting a whole bunch of things from the game.

Now I have to decide what to do with all the power up items I’ve been “saving for a rainy day.”

It’s fitting that the last event is Super Sailor Saturn the sailor of death and rebirth.

Too bad we never got Fisheye in the English version.

I’m looking for another mobile game to fill the void perhaps I will take up Cookie Jam again or Candy Crush Soda? I have played those both before and reached a high level but on facebook and I don’t wanna sync up the data. I was level 300 on Cookie Jam like 3 years ago

As of now I’m picking up Cookie Jam again little by little.

Now with it being gone soon maybe I can focus more on job hunting or math homework.

In other non match 3 game related news.

It seems none of the places I applied to have called back. 😓

I came up with an idea for a Halloween costume already. Its only the end of January Halloween is not for another 9 months. I think it needs some drawings.