Introvert Patrol — January 16, 2019

Introvert Patrol

What is the deal with introverts? Why are they so despised in American culture? I know they need to be punished in some way!

So I have a job interview soon for another company not the store I’m trying to work for again. I won’t mind all the questions about my old job and experience. Or you get stupid questions like how many windows are in the city of Seattle? Huh? How should I know.

I need to be super pumped and overly enthusiastic! *screaming* And talk everybody’s ears off. Even though I didn’t really show it at my last job and that seemed to piss off people.

I know! Don’t be myself in this situation. We know how well that worked at my last job.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Party — January 14, 2019

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Party

This post is in reference to the Smash Mouth video “Then the Morning Comes” mentioned in this blog.

One of my friends at school couldn’t decide if she wanted to have a party or not at lunch. She was warning about the people who would be there who we didn’t know because we didn’t go to school with them. A conceited girl and her brother.

One of my friends was going to meet with me after school to go walk to that girl’s house after school to go to her party. None of our other friends me up with us. I had to tell my mom what I was doing and I gave her my backpack to take home for me. So we had to find this girl’s house by ourselves. We got vague directions and just guessed. We were wandering around walking for a half hour. So we went to some random lady’s house and used her phone to call that girl’s house for directions.

(Of course now a days things like this are not as likely to happen with cellphones/smartphones being so common. This sounds like the plot of a comedy show before cell phones were so common.)

We mostly hung out in her backyard and garage. She had a pool table and there and taught us how to play pool. We ate and had fun. My friend who I got lost with on the way over there was crushing on that girl’s brother. She was always getting a crush on some guy like every 5 minutes. She was so boy crazy. That girl we didn’t know wasn’t mean to us and I thought she was funny. They thought my idea of cola floats (cola and vanilla ice cream) was silly until somebody else tried one, and they thought it was good.

I tend to have a polarizing effect on people. They either like me or don’t when they first meet me. I’m not the type to write how cool I am or how much people like me in my social media profiles. I find that just so strange.

10 More Songs from 1999 — January 13, 2019

10 More Songs from 1999

Since I have not even finished compiling this list. Thought I’d just keep posting what I have. There are still a lot of old DVDs I have to go through. I still haven’t decided if I will write blogs about other 1999 things like tv shows, movies, and food like I did last time.

“Freak on a Leash” by Korn

Korn was really big at my high school. The kids used to wear the Follow the Leader shirts.

“Falling Away From Me” by Korn

I forgot how emotionally powerful this video is.

“Meet Virginia” by Train

The first Train song I ever heard and my favorite by them. I know a lot of people forget they did this song. They only remember their 2 biggest hits “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” and “Hey, Soul Sister”.

“Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out)” by Citizen King

I had started listening to this song again when I was failing college algebra before I started listening to Depeche Mode. I used to think about this song when I worked at the deli.

“Don’t say you Love Me” by M2M

To be honest I don’t really have any nostalgic memories associated with the song. I just remember people saying it was in the first Pokemon movie. I think there might have been a mention of it on Kids’ WB.

“Then the Morning Comes” by Smash Mouth

I have a really weird memory associated with the song. So I got lost going to this girls birthday party. (this story should get it’s own blog entry) Anyway the girl who was hosting it said that this girl was going to make fun of us. That’s just how she was. We didn’t know this girl she didn’t go to school with us. I think she was her relative or something who was around our age. I have a hard time relating to people in general. Then we talked about how funny that music video is. Especially with the part with the dog peeing.

“We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails

My fave music video by them. Ok maybe I’ve only seen less than 10 Nine Inch Nails music videos, but of the ones I’ve seen this is my favorite ever since the first time I saw it in 1999.

“Re-arranged” by Limp Bizkit

I don’t hate it or anything. Do I have a favorite song of theirs?

“It’s Saturday” by Marcy Playground

Out of all of Marcy Playground singles I’ve heard which are; “Sex and Candy” and “Saint Joe on the School Bus” this is my favorite.

“New York City Boy” by The Pet Shop Boys

My friend’s mom made fun of me for liking this song. 😭

Be Your Random Self — January 12, 2019

Be Your Random Self

So I was watching this guys videos. In this one he said to get people to notice you that you have to be yourself.

You should check out his videos if you are interested in punk music.

Not sure if I’m going to make youtube videos. I’m still a bit too shy, but in this blog you get the real me.

They act like they are so *random* and stuff which is fine if you are a 15 year old girl or something. If you are really like this then why do you go around telling people this and bragging about it? I thought you know that was cool and whimsical and stuff. But maybe those people are just trying too hard. I can inadvertently be random. I have a hard time thinking in a linear fashion. It’s just how my mind works. I’m not bragging or anything. What I do makes no sense to most people.

Those haughty hobbyist curmudgeons act like their way is the only way. They are like those art school teachers who only wanted the students to paint portraits and stuff. You know like the art school rebels in France. The wikipedia does a better job of explaining this than I can.

The only place I should not be myself is the deli.

Until my cousin brought up a good point which is apply to another store of that chain in the area if I worked at the worst store than the other stores would be less worse than that one. But I’m still waiting out my time. I heard if you quit and had good attendance habits it’s 3 months. Which means I could try to reapply at the end of the month.

But I still need to work harder on my conditioning and brainwashing I’ve been slacking off on that a bit.

If I do go back to school I got a bad registration date. I think that is because of where my last name falls in the alphabet and that I failed the last class I was in.

I still need to know if I went over the 1000 pictures on Flickr. Why can’t they tell me now?

Sailor Party — January 11, 2019

Sailor Party

I was going through my old diaries and I found an old entry from my birthday in 1999. After I thought about it I haven’t had a birthday party in 20 years which kinda sad; maybe?

So the day started off with me calling up Are-oh-vee and putting in a request for the No Doubt video “Trapped in a Box”. (they didn’t play it )😢

I didn’t want it to be too cheesy so I put up anime pictures for decorations and told my relatives it was a Japanese themed party. Even though all we ate were sandwiches. I invited my friend to the party, but she never showed up. I was kinda disappointed. We watched Island of the Giant Pokemon and some music videos. My mom made up some silly trivia game that was like Jaywalking or Street Smarts. My parents let me play some ska CDs at the party.

I got some Sailor Moon Bandai role play toys the Sailor Locket, the Cosmic Crescent Wand and the Jewel Box. Then my little cousin and I played Sailor Moon the backyard with the toys.

I told my cousin that I requested “Trapped in a Box” on Are-oh-Vee and she told me the video isn’t that good. I did see that music video eventually my cousin was right it’s not that good. It’s ok. Not my favorite No Doubt video that’s a tie between “Spiderwebs” and “New”.



Another Year Older Another Year Wiser? — January 10, 2019

Another Year Older Another Year Wiser?

Since today is my birthday and I turned 35 I’m supposed to feel different, but I don’t. Now that I’m older I really only think about ages that end in a “0” or a “5”. At least I wasn’t as depressed as I was when I turned 30.

I picked out the cake. Cherry chip cake. What a nostalgic flavor!

I watched nostalgic music videos. some that I’m going to add to my 1999 list. For relaxation and research purposes.

I got a copy of “Songs of Faith and Devotion”.

An appropriate present to get on the 25th anniversary the single release of “In Your Room”.

When we bought it a few days ago and I picked it out at the record store. I played “One Caress” for my dad on the ride home from the record store. He said the song was fancy with the strings in it. I was telling him about when Martin brought it back for Tour of the Universe. I was also telling him the story about all the trouble they went through recording it.

I thought about how they kinda did nothing for a while. And I probably can’t teach myself how to drum like Alan did. Well there were a lot problems they were going through. I’m digressing aren’t I? It made me think about all those hobbyists who told me I had to do what worked for them. I don’t know watching that documentary made me feel not so bad about myself. Doing something that worked for other bands obliviously didn’t work for Depeche Mode.

So supposedly my tastes and skin are supposed to change. *Looks at arm* I don’t know it just looks more wrinkly. But I noticed that a few months ago. Maybe I need to buy some wrinkle cream? Or stop eating so much bacon?

We went to eat a restaurant which is near the store I worked at. I don’t know after working at the deli I can’t look at food the same way anymore; it’s hard to describe. (mostly the types of food we sold there like orange chicken, rotisserie chicken and cold cuts) My dad told me to get over it, but I don’t know it’s like after I took that acting class. It took me a long time to enjoy watching any production; mostly tv shows and movies thinking “What are they using for substitution?”

Personality Journal Blog Entry 23 — January 7, 2019

Personality Journal Blog Entry 23

I know I haven’t touched the personality journal in months, so let’s tackle another entry.

This is another entry about your fears.

What Am I Afraid Of?

Fear about failure: being one in general and my failures being amplified

Fear about growing up: That I’m doing it wrong

Authority figure I fear: my father

Never Been Kissed movie review by me from 1999 — January 5, 2019

Never Been Kissed movie review by me from 1999

After posting my last blog about songs from 1999 I found this little gem I wrote.

My review of the Never Been Kissed movie in my diary. I’ll post this since it’s just a review of the movie. Dated April 9, 1999. Which was the day it opened. I was on spring break from school. “Today I saw Never Been Kissed. I really liked it. I could really relate to it. It’s cute and sad and really funny it’s like she’s all that mixed with There’s Something about Mary. I’ll recommend it to all my friends.”

10 Songs from 1999 — January 2, 2019

10 Songs from 1999

I’m gonna continue what I did in 1998, and post 10 songs form 1999. But for my first entry of the year I’m gonna be a bit lazy and rehash an old article I wrote. It only had 9 songs, so I added the Jimmy Eat World song/video to make it 10 songs.

“New” by No Doubt

“What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182

“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters

“When I Grow Up” by Garbage

There are 2 versions of this music video. I like the Big Daddy version better. The live version is on their music videos compilation DVD.

“Bodyrock” by Moby

“Why Don’t You Get a Job?” by The Offspring

“It’s All About the Pentiums” by Weird Al Yankovic

“Take a Picture” by Filter

“Army” by Ben Folds Five

“Lucky Denver Mint” by Jimmy Eat World

The one the band uploaded to youtube is the Never Been Kissed version there is also one that is just of the band. It’s at 144. 😦 I felt the song described me transitioning into my freshman year of high school. Especially these lyrics.
“You’re not bigger than this, not better
Why can’t you learn?”
That all those strange loopholes in high school like all those stupid GPA thresholds. Like that only 3.5 or higher was acceptable. All my teachers on my ass for “bad” grades. Fitting I would be unknowingly into emo music at 15.

Here is 2019! — January 1, 2019

Here is 2019!

I got a strange check in the mail from the store I worked at. I thought I was the victim of identity theft or something. It was dated from December. I didn’t work there in December. I went back to ask about it. The guy from personnel first asked me if it was an old check, but I would cash them as soon as I got them. I pointed out it was from December. Then he told me it was unpaid wages. Yay! more money for me! ^-^

So KTTV had a 70th anniversary show that was on yesterday. It was ok I wish they would have devoted more time to local children’s programming and to sports. They showed about how they have an archive in a salt mine. I was thinking “Do you have any King Koopa’s Kool Kartoon footage?” After I watched it with my dad I said “Now I should go complain about the show online with other locals who watched it.”

My 2019 writing goals are to write ten 1000+ word fics. Write 23 novels and publish 5 of them by the end of the year. Just kidding. Although I do hope to write a lot. Amount not specified. But I have been working on my 1999 blogs. Plus people are going to get nostalgic for the 2010s all year. Compiling decade lists. This decade was so “meh” to me I can’t really think of anything from it that really stood out from a pop culture standpoint. The year is young give some time to think about them. 🤔

The one goal I would like to accomplish this year would be to get another job. No wait my second one would be to learn how to drive.

I did see that stalled railroad themed float that caught on fire at the parade on tv. And that part with the football being thrown was pretty cheesy and why did Kobe Bryant catch it? He’s a basketball player? That made no sense.