I think I Poked my Liver — February 28, 2019

I think I Poked my Liver

Found out today is Pokemon day. I wanted to wear a Pokemon shirt to school, and I did.

So I was stuck on a tight fit. I squished on the bus ride over there. Almost got hit in the head and my liver was being poked by an armrest.

While I was waiting for class to start I had an idea for a thing I was writing that had really been bothering me for at least a week. When I wrote it down I seemed to have the utmost clarity with the idea and how to express it with words.

So this one girl wanted to sit by her friend and I know well enough that the teacher does not really know who you are she just looks at the seating chart. I was not going to be “nice” and give up my seat. I can’t see very well. And her friend was wait listed. Why is going to college and having classes with your friends a thing? I never got that one. Or is it just me? Am I the weird one? But now that the chart is in place I can go play Sailor Moon Drops before class by the geology building and look for squirrels.

On the ride home some guy’s backpack got stuck on a armrest. It made me feel less self conscious about yesterday.

Falling Over You — February 27, 2019

Falling Over You

My “Behind the Wheel” shirt still doesn’t fit. 😭😣
I feels more ill fitting than before. Oh well. Maybe I can get another one from that store.

Listening to “Halo” before class made me nostalgic.

I didn’t have time to play Sailor Moon Drops before class because I needed to jockey for my seat. 😖

Now that I’m using the approved model of calculator I’m having a hard time using it. A lot of the ways to punch in the numbers are the opposite from my old one. You get really familiar with a calculator model you have been using for advanced math for about 20 years.

I noticed the pronounces the word “depreciate” funny. Never heard anybody pronounce it that way before. Then one of the students in class made a joke about Yugo cars. And I wondered if they were young enough to even know about those cars.

She told us she’s going to focus on statistics problems. Ugh I’ve seen enough of those last semester. I kinda have a feel for them since I failed that class too. Learn from your failures? *shrugs* I guess.

I just gotta pay attention and not doodle, think about shirtless members of Depeche Mode, write my stories or do other things.

That girl’s goth friend was complaining that there was some guy in her Japanese class who was 30. It made me think about my Japanese class that I took when I was under 30. Come to think about it I took it 12 years ago when I was 23. There was this older man in there after him I think I was the 2nd oldest student in there. I used to feel so old in that class. The threshold for community college is usually somewhere between 19-21. I’m super old at 35. Let me gum this can of Pringles. And for some strange reason I was craving spray cheese in class.

So this girl wanted to exchange numbers. I think she is kinda dorky from the time I’ve been in class with her. I think she thought I dawdling. I was trying to pack my backpack. It has to be packed just so or everything will not fit in there and it feels lumpy to wear. She tells me about how much she studies math. You don’t need to prove your math cred to me. I’m a math slacker or a “Mathler”? I don’t know this word sounded a lot cooler in my head. 😅 I’m not your ideal partner. She would not stop talking. 😑 I really needed to leave and use the toilet.

When I went to get a bus pass the line was not long but they made me wait a long time so that defeated the purpose of this restructured wait. But at least I had one this time.

The bus stop was super crowded. The only buildings I use that bus stop for are the library, the performing arts building, and the transfer office.

Fell on the bus trying to move for somebody to get off. My pants pocket got stuck on the armrest and i lost my balance and fell I hit the back of my head. And I thought about that episode of Oshin when that happened to her.

Then I was thinking about that Harvey Danger song “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo”.

I was sore all night.


Blurred Lines — February 26, 2019

Blurred Lines

This entry has nothing to do with the song.

I thought I missed the bus, but then another bus came like 10 minutes after that one and it was not crowded. I went to see if there was a line for the bus passes, but there was nothing. Then I see a notice on the door that it doesn’t open until 10AM. My class starts at 9:50AM. I’ll have to wait and go back. And they only have it open for 4 hours a day.

I should have gotten to class earlier. I was messing around before class playing Sailor Moon Drops. Because I only have about a month left in the game. I can learn math any old time. Plus it will thin out in about 3 weeks or so. I decided to listen to “Music for the Masses” before class for old times sake.

So there was this girl and her goth friend (who was dressed very nicely by the way) Who wanted to sit by each other. But her goth friend was wait listed and the teacher told her to give up a seat for somebody else which I promptly took. Which is great now I have a better seat and I can see the board.

I just sort of slunk into the middle of the room hoping she would not recognize me. I even wore a Sailor Moon shirt I didn’t have when I was in her class last time hoping to throw her off. I was not going to be mean and ignore her, but I wasn’t going to be like “It’s so good to see you!” like I was with my former speech teacher and well I passed his class. At least it was not like our awkward meeting in the bathroom last semester.

She said she saw some familiar faces. I was thinking “Someone who failed your 130 course. I’ll just hide over here.” A tentative title I had for this blog was “rusty math”. I thought about how I was still trying to remember things I learned in high school math. I was thinking about how thirsty bacon makes me. I told myself I would try and pay attention a lot and not let my mind wander too much

I don’t remember the last time I took it and what I learned. The syllabus said we should be spending 2 hours a day on math homework. There would have been no way I could have taken a class like this and worked at the deli.

I brought cheese Pingles and peanut butter sandwich to eat. Surprisingly they paired well together. The cell reception is still shitty in the building. My lives were not charged enough to play SMD. So I had to go to the outside stairwell to use my phone with all the smokers.

She talked about unapproved calculators again. I still wasn’t sure if I had bought the right one. It was still in the package at home in case I need to return it. I brought my old trusty TI-30Xa with me.

She told us we would not know where one class ended and the other began. I was like “Ok?”

I thought I should put a picture in my binder. (It’s one of those clear pocket ones) You know for old times sake, but then I thought “Of what?” Sailor Moon? Depeche Mode? No that binder is a cheerful pink color. I need an edgy color like black. Something retro like from 1999 and memories 10th grade bio class.

I forgot to get my bus pass. But I was waiting for the bus on the ride home. I’ll do it tomorrow.

My dad kept bothering me while I was trying to do math homework.

After I thought about it if I had not failed her class I would not have felt sorry for myself and started to listen to Depeche Mode music. And in turn met those people on the discord.

I’m Under Your Moon Power — February 25, 2019

I’m Under Your Moon Power

Sailor Moon why do you do this to me!? Why?

I guess I predicted it! XD Why are they running this game like it’s not shutting down soon? I’m temped to get this character. Since I’ve been playing regularly in January 2017 there were only 3 event characters I didn’t collect; Prince Demande, [didn’t feel like getting this character] Michiru Kaiou (Middle School Uniform), [felt she was too similar Shrine Maiden Rei] Haruka Tenou (Hakama) [didn’t finish event to get even the level 3 character]


Then when I was at the thrift sore today I saw there was a Sailor Moon wallet. At first I gasped at it. But I didn’t buy it. Why did I pass it up? Because I want to buy more things at that record store. And after I did my research it was a Sailor Mars wallet. It was sort of her color scheme coral with a purple bow. At first I mistakenly thought it was a Sailor Chibi Moon wallet because it was pink. Sailor Mars is not my most favorite sailor. Also passed on a fish tank for betta fish and Cibo Matto CD.

10 More Shows from 1999 — February 24, 2019

10 More Shows from 1999

Disney’s 1 Too



Supposedly a spiritual successor to the Disney Afternoon. Locally it replaced Pokemon and ran in the morning.

Monster Rancher
Read about how I feel about it here.



A Millionaire knockoff show on Fox. Remember the guy with the hair?

The PJs


I remember that Haiti Lady used to throw paper towel wrapped goat heads down the toilet.

WWF Smackdown


I think I watched the premiere episode just to see what it was about. My mom thought it was a show about people who wanted to be wrestlers like that WCW movie Ready to Rumble. I didn’t start watching this regularly until 2003.



A Ryan Murphy show. I heard there were a lot of parallels between this a Glee, but I never watched Popular.

Freaks and Geeks


I never saw this show , but my friend did. He described the show in such an odd way. He said he saw a show from the 70s about some teens on Saturday night. Anything he thought was old “was from the 70s”.

Mission Hill


I really liked this show. I remember there was an episode about Beck.

Archie’s Weird Mysteries


This was show that seemed to be “always on” even years later. I could not get into it.

Angela Anaconda


I remember my friend in high school said I reminded her of Angela. I remember the episode where she wrote mean things on toilet paper. And her lunchboxes had a lot of lead in them.

Happiest Girl — February 23, 2019

Happiest Girl

I found that Depeche Mode shirt I wanted and then I ate IN N Out for dinner. A burger with no onions because I don’t like onions on my burger grilled or raw except on Big Macs for some reason. Find your happiness! Then I was thinking about that song “Happiest Girl“. Have you ever listened to that song? Or “World in My Eyes” or “Sea of Sin“, but seriously those songs are about sex. Just read the lyrics.

So finally my dad took me to that 80s themed record store and it only took 6 weeks after my request. The 101 reproduction shirt I wanted was there. I wanted to buy more, but I have to control myself I don’t have a job anymore.

Small victories right?

And it fit! Yay!


20190223_122939 - Copy

(the shirt looks wrinkled because I unfurled it on my bed)

Maybe I should try on that one I got at the Hot Topic again? I think it was cut to fit tighter.

And I got another button with Martin Gore’s picture on it.

20190223_122046 - Copy

Thought my dad was going to have an awkward conversation with the shop owner like he always does. But they didn’t once he found out my dad is a record collector. *phew* 😅 It was funny because the shop owner was wearing a Depeche Mode hat. Good thing he didn’t remember I was that person who came in December looking for things with Martin Gore’s picture on them. It was funny my dad asked if I wanted a Garbage poster. Then we were all talking about the show in Long Beach in 2002. We all went to that. But my dad didn’t remember the Distillers.

My Partner’s a Monkee — February 21, 2019

My Partner’s a Monkee

Peter Tork died today. I was wondering if they ae going to show a Monkees marathon. Antenna TV hasn’t shown The Moknees in a long time. Maybe they’ll show Head again. Here is the entry I wrote about Davy’s death in 2012. I remember because it was on a leap day. They both died in February. I wondered how some of the gumshoes felt about it. You know there is some over lap between the fandoms. Now only Mike and Micky are left.

I wanted to see some snow today, but I didn’t. Mean like look out my window and see it.

The Japan Hollywood Network block is moving to KXLA which is great since for some reason the tv in my bedroom likes to erase channels. I no longer get; KSCI, KOCE, and KCAL. But the next show they are airing is Partners which I’m not really into.

Cookies and Gumshoes — February 20, 2019

Cookies and Gumshoes

I watched the new Carmen Sandiego cartoon. I could not get into that series. I only made through half of the first episode. From what I saw there was not much geography in it. It was peppered here and there, but still. Does that make me a bad gumshoe? Although I did not like the first animated series either. It was not wacky enough for me. That was my favorite thing about the game show. It was so wacky.

I got so frustrated with Cookie Jam I deleted it form my phone. So I’m still looking for a match 3 replacement game.

So I finally got the Chibi-Usa and Helios character pair. I only bothered getting them to level 3. It’s not like I was going to use them anyway.


Screenshot_2019-02-20-08-24-18 - Copy

Wouldn’t it be funny if they release another character after that? If my calculations are correct the game will end at 11AM my time on the 27th of March. At my local time.

Happiness is a Warm Steak — February 18, 2019

Happiness is a Warm Steak

Yesterday I watched that Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour show. I can see why it was a bad show and got cancelled quickly. The theme music was car queue music from The Price is Right. I kept wanting to hear Rod Roddy describe a car. It debuted when my mom was pregnant with me on October 31 1983 and ended on July 27 1984 when I would have been around 6 months old. So of course I have no recollection of watching this show. People have been asking Buzzr for this show since they became a channel in 2015. I think that show was hard to get since it was a join production. Fremantle doesn’t own the rights to Hollywood Squares. People kept saying that about Classic Concentration and Supermarket Sweep too. I wasn’t too sure about Classic Concentration. Supermarket Sweep was a different story since Fremantle had to acquire the rights to that show, and they did eventually. I’m not really sure about The Price is Right since it is their show. They own it. They have never really explained that. I’ve heard rumors that Bob Barker is the one preventing them from showing the old shows again. And something else about CBS. You know cause you get this secondhand news from online “game show experts”.

I finally found my manuscript I thought I lost. It was all there even the concept art! *hugs story* The thing that really bothered me was that I lost it right after I quit my job at the deli. I mean I had some notes in a Google Doc and somewhere else. But I do enjoy writing my rough drafts on physical paper. I didn’t back it up in multiple formats. You know cause that is like one of the rules of writing according to the r/writing subreddit.

I had had a steak for dinner and the world is good and happy! I had been wanting to buy a steak since I worked at the deli and had money to afford a good one, but with all my crazy scheduling I never had time to do anything.

I was trying very hard to make that part (about the manuscript and steak) sound incredibly inane and happy.

Strangely both of these things have to do with me working at the deli. :/

A Hacking Cough and a Crop Top — February 17, 2019

A Hacking Cough and a Crop Top

I think I got sick from all the stress I put on myself from school and thinking I looked cool like Gwen in a crop top.

The week started off well No Doubt had come out with a new song called “New”. Which I ate up since they had not put out any new material in a long time. I couldn’t wait for the music video.

By Wednesday I was still sick. I went to the doctor but still wasn’t feeling better.Found out I had bronchitis. I was upset my friend made principal’s honor roll by taking easy classes.

I missed school for a week. I tried to teach myself math which was really hard.

I was bored and watched a lot of tv. Including Newsradio reruns, The Price is Right, and Arthur. Including the episode “I’d Rather Read it Myself“. I was inspired by that episode to make a comic and I put my virtual dog in it. Who I hadn’t played with since the summer of ’98. It was funny, to me and crudely drawn. I think I still have it somewhere.

By the next Monday I had to go back to school and I was dreading the whole thing.

The hardest part was trying to get back into school. We had this thing called a “re-admittance card” where you had to get it signed by each teacher from each class you had and it was at their discretion to let you back into the class or not. Did other schools have this?

I was legitimately sick! I was no lackey delinquent skipping school for a week.

Since I was gone for a week people wondered what happened to me. People started a rumor that I moved away.

My math teacher claimed I had a forged card or something and failed to accept all that math homework I worked so hard on when I was sick. Out of about 6 assignments he only accepted 1. I was so upset. I was on the verge of tears when it happened. And because of this my math grade suffered severely. I went from a “B+” to a “D”.

And that was when and how I learned my lesson to never miss school again. I vowed I’d vomit on the truant officer’s shoes if it meant I didn’t have to miss school. (I really wanted to do it anyway that guy was a pompous jerk) Back then people weren’t scared of things like swine flu so they promoted these actions. The school even had assemblies promoting going to school when you are sick.

Perfect attendance was the only thing I was “good at” in high school. My grades were “bad”.

I decided to make an anti-button since I knew I was not going to get a real one.