I told my dad I wanted to go to that 80s themed record store. I asked to go there the week before my birthday. All he does is make excuses not to take me. So yesterday he went there on his own. He was trying to describe it to me. He doesn’t know much about me. Like what size shirt I wear. I could have imagined the awkward conversation he had with the shop owner. I know my dad likes to act like he is a good conversationalist, but he is really not. He is always overestimating his own skills. At least I own up to my own conversationtional suckage. Where did he think I was trying to go? Some place I’m not supposed to go? Well if he takes too long I’ll just go by myself again when I get my school bus pass.

The Super Bowl was ok I guess. Part of me thought about the World Series. I dusted off the old twitter and tweeted during the game. I was just upset that Maroon 5 didn’t play “Soap Disco” I thought it was highly unlikely they would play it. Too bad Adam disowned his Kara’s Flowers songs they were so good. It would have been so charming. I don’t know maybe I’m just in love with that song. Maybe I need to talk to Oliver. I wanted to pace myself this year. I tried not to eat so much in such a small amount of time. I thought I did well. The commercials were really meh this year. They just weren’t that memorable. People seemed to be upset that it was a low scoring game. People were predicting high scores for both teams. I was happy the Rams were not shut out.

Two losses for LA teams?! 😦 In the respective championship of their league. Dodgers and Rams.

After the game my dad had to be consoled a bit. He got really riled up after the NFC championship game.