My first Valentines Day in high school was interesting…

I was telling my friend and her boyfriend I was looking for Pokemon Valentines, but couldn’t find any. Strangely he seemed to know where to buy them. He was right they did have them at the Kmart. You can see the Kmart price tag in the picture on the corner of the box.


They seemed to hold Valentines themed activities all week during school at lunch.

One day you could get married so my friend and her boyfriend did it. I remember the girl running it almost misspelled my friend’s boyfriend’s name. We all thought it was funny. They got a marriage license and a Ring Pop.

I wanted to buy my crush a Valentines gram and send it anonymously. The club that was selling them had different designs. Including one with Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion on it. I remember it had some cheesy saying on it but I forget exactly what it was. I wanna say it was something about everlasting love.


I ended up chickening out and sending it to one of my friends who liked Sailor Moon.

The adults at school were still trying to figure out what Pokemon was and if pikachu was a cat or not.

When I handed out my Pokemon Valentines some people were like “did you get that from (my name)?” Was my hardcore love for Pokemon that bad? This happened again the next year when I handed out different Pokemon Valentines. But that is a story for next year.

The evening before the dance I saw the music video for “Just a Girl.”

I got a Rocko Valentine from my friend all she could find at the store were Nicktoons ones. She said reminded her of Rocko. She said there was no Valentines Day stuff left they were stocking a bunch of Easter stuff. I think I made a joke about that to her and she thought it was so funny.

I wanted to look cool so I wore a crop top which ended up not being cool. I ended up getting a bad cold and eventually bronchitis. But the bronchitis story is another story for another day or blog post. The Valentines Day dance was mostly attended by the freshmen and put on by the freshmen.  It was cheap like 50¢ and held in the gym. They were break-dancing there. My friend who gave me the Rocko Valentine was mad me and another one of her friends didn’t dance.

Because for some reason only part of the school was on the second level. Which was where the math and science classes were held. My high school was a very strangely designed school. It was built in the 60s. The elevator was only for the special needs students in wheel chairs. I think the teachers could use it and the school staff, but none of the other students could. But she could because she broke her ankle or something. She had crutches. I used to help her. She told me she was going to get me a Valentines gram. I think I still might have it somewhere.