I think I got sick from all the stress I put on myself from school and thinking I looked cool like Gwen in a crop top.

The week started off well No Doubt had come out with a new song called “New”. Which I ate up since they had not put out any new material in a long time. I couldn’t wait for the music video.

By Wednesday I was still sick. I went to the doctor but still wasn’t feeling better.Found out I had bronchitis. I was upset my friend made principal’s honor roll by taking easy classes.

I missed school for a week. I tried to teach myself math which was really hard.

I was bored and watched a lot of tv. Including Newsradio reruns, The Price is Right, and Arthur. Including the episode “I’d Rather Read it Myself“. I was inspired by that episode to make a comic and I put my virtual dog in it. Who I hadn’t played with since the summer of ’98. It was funny, to me and crudely drawn. I think I still have it somewhere.

By the next Monday I had to go back to school and I was dreading the whole thing.

The hardest part was trying to get back into school. We had this thing called a “re-admittance card” where you had to get it signed by each teacher from each class you had and it was at their discretion to let you back into the class or not. Did other schools have this?

I was legitimately sick! I was no lackey delinquent skipping school for a week.

Since I was gone for a week people wondered what happened to me. People started a rumor that I moved away.

My math teacher claimed I had a forged card or something and failed to accept all that math homework I worked so hard on when I was sick. Out of about 6 assignments he only accepted 1. I was so upset. I was on the verge of tears when it happened. And because of this my math grade suffered severely. I went from a “B+” to a “D”.

And that was when and how I learned my lesson to never miss school again. I vowed I’d vomit on the truant officer’s shoes if it meant I didn’t have to miss school. (I really wanted to do it anyway that guy was a pompous jerk) Back then people weren’t scared of things like swine flu so they promoted these actions. The school even had assemblies promoting going to school when you are sick.

Perfect attendance was the only thing I was “good at” in high school. My grades were “bad”.

I decided to make an anti-button since I knew I was not going to get a real one.