Yesterday I watched that Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour show. I can see why it was a bad show and got cancelled quickly. The theme music was car queue music from The Price is Right. I kept wanting to hear Rod Roddy describe a car. It debuted when my mom was pregnant with me on October 31 1983 and ended on July 27 1984 when I would have been around 6 months old. So of course I have no recollection of watching this show. People have been asking Buzzr for this show since they became a channel in 2015. I think that show was hard to get since it was a join production. Fremantle doesn’t own the rights to Hollywood Squares. People kept saying that about Classic Concentration and Supermarket Sweep too. I wasn’t too sure about Classic Concentration. Supermarket Sweep was a different story since Fremantle had to acquire the rights to that show, and they did eventually. I’m not really sure about The Price is Right since it is their show. They own it. They have never really explained that. I’ve heard rumors that Bob Barker is the one preventing them from showing the old shows again. And something else about CBS. You know cause you get this secondhand news from online “game show experts”.

I finally found my manuscript I thought I lost. It was all there even the concept art! *hugs story* The thing that really bothered me was that I lost it right after I quit my job at the deli. I mean I had some notes in a Google Doc and somewhere else. But I do enjoy writing my rough drafts on physical paper. I didn’t back it up in multiple formats. You know cause that is like one of the rules of writing according to the r/writing subreddit.

I had had a steak for dinner and the world is good and happy! I had been wanting to buy a steak since I worked at the deli and had money to afford a good one, but with all my crazy scheduling I never had time to do anything.

I was trying very hard to make that part (about the manuscript and steak) sound incredibly inane and happy.

Strangely both of these things have to do with me working at the deli. :/