I watched the new Carmen Sandiego cartoon. I could not get into that series. I only made through half of the first episode. From what I saw there was not much geography in it. It was peppered here and there, but still. Does that make me a bad gumshoe? Although I did not like the first animated series either. It was not wacky enough for me. That was my favorite thing about the game show. It was so wacky.

I got so frustrated with Cookie Jam I deleted it form my phone. So I’m still looking for a match 3 replacement game.

So I finally got the Chibi-Usa and Helios character pair. I only bothered getting them to level 3. It’s not like I was going to use them anyway.


Screenshot_2019-02-20-08-24-18 - Copy

Wouldn’t it be funny if they release another character after that? If my calculations are correct the game will end at 11AM my time on the 27th of March. At my local time.