Peter Tork died today. I was wondering if they ae going to show a Monkees marathon. Antenna TV hasn’t shown The Moknees in a long time. Maybe they’ll show Head again. Here is the entry I wrote about Davy’s death in 2012. I remember because it was on a leap day. They both died in February. I wondered how some of the gumshoes felt about it. You know there is some over lap between the fandoms. Now only Mike and Micky are left.

I wanted to see some snow today, but I didn’t. Mean like look out my window and see it.

The Japan Hollywood Network block is moving to KXLA which is great since for some reason the tv in my bedroom likes to erase channels. I no longer get; KSCI, KOCE, and KCAL. But the next show they are airing is Partners which I’m not really into.