I found that Depeche Mode shirt I wanted and then I ate IN N Out for dinner. A burger with no onions because I don’t like onions on my burger grilled or raw except on Big Macs for some reason. Find your happiness! Then I was thinking about that song “Happiest Girl“. Have you ever listened to that song? Or “World in My Eyes” or “Sea of Sin“, but seriously those songs are about sex. Just read the lyrics.

So finally my dad took me to that 80s themed record store and it only took 6 weeks after my request. The 101 reproduction shirt I wanted was there. I wanted to buy more, but I have to control myself I don’t have a job anymore.

Small victories right?

And it fit! Yay!


20190223_122939 - Copy

(the shirt looks wrinkled because I unfurled it on my bed)

Maybe I should try on that one I got at the Hot Topic again? I think it was cut to fit tighter.

And I got another button with Martin Gore’s picture on it.

20190223_122046 - Copy

Thought my dad was going to have an awkward conversation with the shop owner like he always does. But they didn’t once he found out my dad is a record collector. *phew* 😅 It was funny because the shop owner was wearing a Depeche Mode hat. Good thing he didn’t remember I was that person who came in December looking for things with Martin Gore’s picture on them. It was funny my dad asked if I wanted a Garbage poster. Then we were all talking about the show in Long Beach in 2002. We all went to that. But my dad didn’t remember the Distillers.