This entry has nothing to do with the song.

I thought I missed the bus, but then another bus came like 10 minutes after that one and it was not crowded. I went to see if there was a line for the bus passes, but there was nothing. Then I see a notice on the door that it doesn’t open until 10AM. My class starts at 9:50AM. I’ll have to wait and go back. And they only have it open for 4 hours a day.

I should have gotten to class earlier. I was messing around before class playing Sailor Moon Drops. Because I only have about a month left in the game. I can learn math any old time. Plus it will thin out in about 3 weeks or so. I decided to listen to “Music for the Masses” before class for old times sake.

So there was this girl and her goth friend (who was dressed very nicely by the way) Who wanted to sit by each other. But her goth friend was wait listed and the teacher told her to give up a seat for somebody else which I promptly took. Which is great now I have a better seat and I can see the board.

I just sort of slunk into the middle of the room hoping she would not recognize me. I even wore a Sailor Moon shirt I didn’t have when I was in her class last time hoping to throw her off. I was not going to be mean and ignore her, but I wasn’t going to be like “It’s so good to see you!” like I was with my former speech teacher and well I passed his class. At least it was not like our awkward meeting in the bathroom last semester.

She said she saw some familiar faces. I was thinking “Someone who failed your 130 course. I’ll just hide over here.” A tentative title I had for this blog was “rusty math”. I thought about how I was still trying to remember things I learned in high school math. I was thinking about how thirsty bacon makes me. I told myself I would try and pay attention a lot and not let my mind wander too much

I don’t remember the last time I took it and what I learned. The syllabus said we should be spending 2 hours a day on math homework. There would have been no way I could have taken a class like this and worked at the deli.

I brought cheese Pingles and peanut butter sandwich to eat. Surprisingly they paired well together. The cell reception is still shitty in the building. My lives were not charged enough to play SMD. So I had to go to the outside stairwell to use my phone with all the smokers.

She talked about unapproved calculators again. I still wasn’t sure if I had bought the right one. It was still in the package at home in case I need to return it. I brought my old trusty TI-30Xa with me.

She told us we would not know where one class ended and the other began. I was like “Ok?”

I thought I should put a picture in my binder. (It’s one of those clear pocket ones) You know for old times sake, but then I thought “Of what?” Sailor Moon? Depeche Mode? No that binder is a cheerful pink color. I need an edgy color like black. Something retro like from 1999 and memories 10th grade bio class.

I forgot to get my bus pass. But I was waiting for the bus on the ride home. I’ll do it tomorrow.

My dad kept bothering me while I was trying to do math homework.

After I thought about it if I had not failed her class I would not have felt sorry for myself and started to listen to Depeche Mode music. And in turn met those people on the discord.