My “Behind the Wheel” shirt still doesn’t fit. 😭😣
I feels more ill fitting than before. Oh well. Maybe I can get another one from that store.

Listening to “Halo” before class made me nostalgic.

I didn’t have time to play Sailor Moon Drops before class because I needed to jockey for my seat. πŸ˜–

Now that I’m using the approved model of calculator I’m having a hard time using it. A lot of the ways to punch in the numbers are the opposite from my old one. You get really familiar with a calculator model you have been using for advanced math for about 20 years.

I noticed the pronounces the word “depreciate” funny. Never heard anybody pronounce it that way before. Then one of the students in class made a joke about Yugo cars. And I wondered if they were young enough to even know about those cars.

She told us she’s going to focus on statistics problems. Ugh I’ve seen enough of those last semester. I kinda have a feel for them since I failed that class too. Learn from your failures? *shrugs* I guess.

I just gotta pay attention and not doodle, think about shirtless members of Depeche Mode, write my stories or do other things.

That girl’s goth friend was complaining that there was some guy in her Japanese class who was 30. It made me think about my Japanese class that I took when I was under 30. Come to think about it I took it 12 years ago when I was 23. There was this older man in there after him I think I was the 2nd oldest student in there. I used to feel so old in that class. The threshold for community college is usually somewhere between 19-21. I’m super old at 35. Let me gum this can of Pringles. And for some strange reason I was craving spray cheese in class.

So this girl wanted to exchange numbers. I think she is kinda dorky from the time I’ve been in class with her. I think she thought I dawdling. I was trying to pack my backpack. It has to be packed just so or everything will not fit in there and it feels lumpy to wear. She tells me about how much she studies math. You don’t need to prove your math cred to me. I’m a math slacker or a “Mathler”? I don’t know this word sounded a lot cooler in my head. πŸ˜… I’m not your ideal partner. She would not stop talking. πŸ˜‘ I really needed to leave and use the toilet.

When I went to get a bus pass the line was not long but they made me wait a long time so that defeated the purpose of this restructured wait. But at least I had one this time.

The bus stop was super crowded. The only buildings I use that bus stop for are the library, the performing arts building, and the transfer office.

Fell on the bus trying to move for somebody to get off. My pants pocket got stuck on the armrest and i lost my balance and fell I hit the back of my head. And I thought about that episode of Oshin when that happened to her.

Then I was thinking about that Harvey Danger song “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo”.

I was sore all night.