Found out today is Pokemon day. I wanted to wear a Pokemon shirt to school, and I did.

So I was stuck on a tight fit. I squished on the bus ride over there. Almost got hit in the head and my liver was being poked by an armrest.

While I was waiting for class to start I had an idea for a thing I was writing that had really been bothering me for at least a week. When I wrote it down I seemed to have the utmost clarity with the idea and how to express it with words.

So this one girl wanted to sit by her friend and I know well enough that the teacher does not really know who you are she just looks at the seating chart. I was not going to be “nice” and give up my seat. I can’t see very well. And her friend was wait listed. Why is going to college and having classes with your friends a thing? I never got that one. Or is it just me? Am I the weird one? But now that the chart is in place I can go play Sailor Moon Drops before class by the geology building and look for squirrels.

On the ride home some guy’s backpack got stuck on a armrest. It made me feel less self conscious about yesterday.