10 Toys from 1999 — February 16, 2019

10 Toys from 1999

Barbie Airplane


I have no idea why I wanted this as a 15 year old.

Rainbow Horse and Sprinkles



Although I remember the commercial I saw explicitly mentioning that Barbie was sold separately.

I Choose You Talking Pikachu


I used to think of this as an upgrade from my plain pikachu plush. When it talked it looked like it was suckling.

Burger King Pokemon


Remember what a headache those left people? Trying to collect them. The recall.

Pocket Pikachu


I love the jingle for it in the commercial!

Pooh Chat Pals


I think my cousin had these.

Barbie Sit in Style




Remember when inflatable chairs were a thing?

Britney Spears doll



There were a few variations of these.

Talking Gizmo Furby


A cute idea, but it doesn’t really look like Gizmo. :/

Hoopla hula loop


A toy that is not well remembered. The only reason I do is because I found it on a tape with some old Pokemon episodes on it. The ad mentions Toys R Us. 😢

Even More songs from 1999 — February 15, 2019

Even More songs from 1999

“No Scrubs” by TLC

My grade/class embraced the song as an anthem because they used to call the freshmen at the school “scrubs”. Being a freshman was hard. The upperclassmen would just see younger looking people and yell “Scrubs!” at them. They could have been younger looking sophomores and juniors. The teachers essentially told us it was a rite of passage and to pretty much deal with it. So the class made a sign that said something like “We’re no scrubs!”. They were mad about the “freshmen suck cheer” that happened at the last pep rally.
The girls (of any grade) would write “No Scrubs” on their notebooks and things. There was another rebuttal song called “No Pigeons” by Sporty Thievz.

“Nice Guys Finish Last” by Green Day
They used to use this song a lot on Are-oh-vee as interlude music. Just the intro.

“Come Original” by 311

Watching this video now makes me realize how 90s it looks. Great song and video though.

“Ladyfingers” by Luscious Jackson

I reference this song quite frequently.

“Beautiful Stranger” by Madonna

One of the few Madonna songs I actually like.

“Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai

But I liked the song before Napoleon Dynamite made it popular. When I heard it in the movie I was “This is ‘Canned Heat’!” and everybody watching it with me at the party was confused.

“Ladyshave” by Gus Gus
I remember hearing the song in a car commercial a while later.

“Coffee and Tv” by Blur

I love the dancing milk carton. It’s so sad when the girl carton dies. Who apparently has strawberry milk in her so some other pink colored milk. (sorry for the spoiler) I remember I would always see gifs and stuff of the dancing milk carton from the music video on the internet. I didn’t know it was like a meme. I would ask these people if they were Blur fans and they are like “What?”

“Steal My Sunshine” by Len

It was on the soundtrack for the movie Go.

“My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit

I pretty much only know 4 songs by Lit and this is one of them. I do like the theme of the video with the bowling alley and the custom shoes and balls.

Hanging on the Telephone — February 14, 2019

Hanging on the Telephone

I spent all of my morning waiting for a telephone repair person. When I called and asked where this person. The dispatcher could not find them. Everything goes missing and the dispatchers can never “find” it. Including buses which may or may not have something to do with a Sailor Moon villain. Somebody did come about 90 minutes later.

The guy told me there is something wrong with the transistor on the street and he can’t fix it. Some other team needs to take care of it. And they will come in a week. And that the whole neighborhood has outdated copper wires that don’t work when it rains? WTF?! What do people do where it rains a lot? And that once it dries up the phone should work again. It didn’t recover since the last rainstorm and has been out since at least last Tuesday. He was trying to sell me fiber optic wires instead.

My mom got mad at me because I had to turn down a job at a deli because I had to stay there until midnight. The person on the phone wanted to know my I quit my job at the deli. Like I’ve said before in this blog I kept getting confusing and contradicting instructions. I guess not teaching somebody how to use a deep fryer and then complaining about me not knowing how to work it is a bad thing? *shrugs* That whole store is a shitshow and the deli was the shittiest of them all. Why do places think that if you put a time on your application you didn’t mean it? That is so stupid. Maybe there will be something at the school career center.

I had macaroni and cheese for dinner. Which is sort of a joke Valentines food for me. I’m not wearing a mini skirt so I’m ok.

Paras Calling — February 13, 2019

Paras Calling

Today is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon premiering on Kids’ WB. The first episode they showed was The Problem with Paras. The last episode to air in syndication was The March of the Exeggutor Squad. When charmander evolved into Charmeleon I wanted to know what happened it in syndication. I remember the next week when the episodes started back up again from the beginning and being pissed that I didn’t know what happened to Ash’s evolved Pokemon and that was pretty much all the Pokemon I was going to see ever. Of course Pikachu’s Goodbye was aired in November like a month later. But that episode was aired out of chronological order from all the other ones.


I spent all afternoon waiting for a telephone repair person. They never came! When I call and ask they can’t help and I hear a pre-recorded message saying that they are aware of the outage in the area and that they don’t know when it will be fixed. We have not had landline phone service since last Monday or Tuesday. Luckily the internet is working this time. They also tried to sell me more services and act like they were helping. why would I want more services from you? You already suck. When I call back they tell me the repair has been pushed back to tomorrow. We’ve been having telephone problems for a month now on and off. the last time we got it repaired was in January when we baby sat my cousin for 2 days.

I know I need to do what Kramer did in Seinfeld to the cable guy and trick the telephone people right back.

Potatoes and VHS Tapes — February 12, 2019

Potatoes and VHS Tapes

I had a potato for breakfast and the world is good. Ok, that was a joke thing to write. I did have a potato for breakfast. After I ate it I listened to Depeche Mode music and cried. No, I didn’t do that either. I watched game shows. When I was eating a potato I was thinking about that for some reason.

I’m still not sure if I want to get the Chibi-Usa and Helios character pair in Sailor Moon Drops. Maybe I’ll only get them at level 3 so I can keep making progress on the map. I started using the powerups I’ve been saving in the game. I had 75 prism boosters and 72 Luna-p boosters. (I had a few I earned from the last event and login rewards)

Screenshot_2019-01-30-17-53-43 - Copy

I decided to stop trying to 3 star the 2 maps I completed.


Why does my dad have to be so dense? He still doesn’t understand why I’m taking a lower level math class. And I’m taking it the same professor I took it last spring with well when I took College Algebra. What does he want me to do? I don’t have a job so this is where I’m stuck at.

And I’m stressed out again and having weird dreams.

I realized maybe I should do a little more personal grooming you know like eyebrows and stuff.

I started going through my old VHS tapes again looking for 1999 inspired blog content. I’m not going to get stressed out about it like my 1998 blog. I got a few ideas but not much.

10 tv Shows From 1989 — February 11, 2019

10 tv Shows From 1989

Quite a few big/popular shows came out in 1989.

Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers



I love this show so much! It was like Ducktales (1987) but better. It had a major impact in my life. I love Gadget. She has to be one of my favorite Disney characters ever. I could write a whole blog entry about how much I love this show.

Rude Dog and the Dweebs


I used to go to school with a guy named Rudy who wore a Rude Dog shirt and they used to call him “Rude Dog”. I have very little recollection of the cartoon.

Beetlejuice cartoon


I didn’t start watching this until it’s Fox run. my neighbor who we used to babysit liked it better than I did at first. I was more of a Disney Afternoon kid.



Have I ever watched an episode of this show? Maybe?



What is the deal with this show? I love Seinfeld. I’ve been celebrating Festivus yearly since 1997.

The Simpsons


Still on the air after all these years.

The Jim Henson Hour



I think I watched this show? I wanna say I did.
But it did have it’s own lunchbox.

American Gladiators


Who wants to play joust? Or Powerball? When I was a kid I wanted to be a gladiator only because my peers told me I was going to grow up and be really tall. Over 6 feet tall. This was one of my wackier career aspirations as a child. I was never the kid who had normal career goals. I didn’t start watching this show until the mid 90s. And the show was promptly cancelled a few years later. I picked this picture since it is a local ad advertising it on KHJ (now KCAL).

Long Ago and Far Away


This show had some good shorts and adaptions of books.

Couch Potatoes

Does anybody remember this game show hosted by Marc Summers? It’s kinda obscure; I think? When I used to watch it I didn’t really understand it. I think I just watched it to see Marc.

I *love* Pokemon — February 10, 2019

I *love* Pokemon

My first Valentines Day in high school was interesting…

I was telling my friend and her boyfriend I was looking for Pokemon Valentines, but couldn’t find any. Strangely he seemed to know where to buy them. He was right they did have them at the Kmart. You can see the Kmart price tag in the picture on the corner of the box.


They seemed to hold Valentines themed activities all week during school at lunch.

One day you could get married so my friend and her boyfriend did it. I remember the girl running it almost misspelled my friend’s boyfriend’s name. We all thought it was funny. They got a marriage license and a Ring Pop.

I wanted to buy my crush a Valentines gram and send it anonymously. The club that was selling them had different designs. Including one with Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion on it. I remember it had some cheesy saying on it but I forget exactly what it was. I wanna say it was something about everlasting love.


I ended up chickening out and sending it to one of my friends who liked Sailor Moon.

The adults at school were still trying to figure out what Pokemon was and if pikachu was a cat or not.

When I handed out my Pokemon Valentines some people were like “did you get that from (my name)?” Was my hardcore love for Pokemon that bad? This happened again the next year when I handed out different Pokemon Valentines. But that is a story for next year.

The evening before the dance I saw the music video for “Just a Girl.”

I got a Rocko Valentine from my friend all she could find at the store were Nicktoons ones. She said reminded her of Rocko. She said there was no Valentines Day stuff left they were stocking a bunch of Easter stuff. I think I made a joke about that to her and she thought it was so funny.

I wanted to look cool so I wore a crop top which ended up not being cool. I ended up getting a bad cold and eventually bronchitis. But the bronchitis story is another story for another day or blog post. The Valentines Day dance was mostly attended by the freshmen and put on by the freshmen.  It was cheap like 50¢ and held in the gym. They were break-dancing there. My friend who gave me the Rocko Valentine was mad me and another one of her friends didn’t dance.

Because for some reason only part of the school was on the second level. Which was where the math and science classes were held. My high school was a very strangely designed school. It was built in the 60s. The elevator was only for the special needs students in wheel chairs. I think the teachers could use it and the school staff, but none of the other students could. But she could because she broke her ankle or something. She had crutches. I used to help her. She told me she was going to get me a Valentines gram. I think I still might have it somewhere.


Miscellaneous 2019 Feb Blog — February 9, 2019

Miscellaneous 2019 Feb Blog

I have been working on a blog, but for some reason I can’t make it work.

I still miss that job even if it was terrible. It made me feel important like I was doing something with my life even if I was treated like garbage. I didn’t feel like I was at a stagnant impasse like I do at school. I just wanna quit school so badly.

Sailor Moon Drops has another event Chibi-usa and Helios as a character pair. I thought Super Sailor Saturn would have been the last one.


Going Backwards Going Forwards — February 6, 2019

Going Backwards Going Forwards

So I had to go to school to pay my fees.

When I got on the bus it was crowded. It was a new bus with a new bus smell. smelled like plastic. Not marred or anything. The seats in it are terrible and too small.

Paid the fees.

I went to the career center which was a bust! Why can’t anybody at the school help you? All they tell you is to go online. I already did that. I was supposed to submit a resume to the school website which I did yesterday.

Doesn’t mater my resume got rejected anyway. I got an email that said that. They are probably going to make me put a bunch of crap in it like an objective. Some crap like “Obtain a position at ABC company as a Deli Clerk to utilize customer service and communication skills.” I got it from this site.

My dad was mad as usual because I’m not moving forwards. I took a lower level math class. I think it’s what I need to get to the next level. What does he know? He is not me. Somehow I end up doing something that inadvertently pisses him off anyway.

But I did buy a new calculator for class.

I should have just stayed in hell (the deli).

10 tv Shows From 1999 — February 5, 2019

10 tv Shows From 1999



I really liked this show even of my dad hated it.

Family Guy


Still on the air even if it is not as good as it used to be.



I guess this was a Recess knockoff show. I really liked it. I thought it was funny. Too bad they didn’t make more episodes.

Sabrina cartoon


This is the Sabrina the Teenage witch cartoon I’m most familiar with. I’ve never seen the one from the 1970s and don’t even get me started on Secret Life.

Big Guy and Rusty




You can read about how I feel about this show here.

100 deeds for Eddie McDowd


Xyber 9


Dragon Tales


I liked this show. Even if I was not in the age demographic it was marketed to. The visual style of the show reminds me of the G1 My Little Pony cartoon. Why couldn’t this show have been popular at my high school instead of Teletubbies.

Batman Beyond