A Lackluster Sendoff — March 31, 2019

A Lackluster Sendoff

The last day of Kidsclick was so lackluster. They didn’t even end the block with a goodbye message or anything. They were running promos for their other shows. It was like it was going to be on tomorrow. I still don’t think it’s an April Fool’s prank because the listings say that paid programing is replacing it.

Speaking of stuff on tv. LightTV is going to be showing Mister Ed! Yay!

Then I wanted to watch Bananaman’s Gotcha Gourmet! and it wasn’t even subtitled in English! 😡

I noticed since I don’t or can’t play Sailor Moon Drops anymore I’m getting a lot more things done. I had a lot more time to do math homework and other things.

10 songs from 1999 vol 9 — March 30, 2019

10 songs from 1999 vol 9

“Falls Apart” by Sugar Ray
My friend in high school used to say this was “her” song. After reading the lyrics I can see why she felt connected to the song.

“Run On” by Moby

I love the music video for this song.

“Miserable” by Lit

I think this song was also featured in her show VIP.

“Turn it Up” by Save Ferris

“Let it Snow” by Luscious Jackson
I like the music video there are dancing snowmen. It was also featured in a commercial for The Gap.

“You Look so Fine” by Garbage

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt used this as the theme song for their wedding. This song had good B-sides “Get Busy with the Fizzy” and “Soldier Through This”.

“Smile” by Vitamin C

“Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera

“There She Goes” cover by Sixpense None the Richer.

“Do Right” by Jimmies Chicken Shack
The music video for this song is so funny.

Goodbye Kidsclick — March 29, 2019

Goodbye Kidsclick

From their official facebook page.

“With a heavy heart, we are writing you to let you know that KidsCLICK is coming to an end this weekend. Thank you for all of your support, comments, shares, likes and more. We will miss each and every one of our fans and don’t forget to Stay TOONed.”

That’s too bad I did enjoy watching Ladybug cartoons in the morning. I guess I should delete that app from my phone too.


What else did I watch from that block?
Scary Larry
Angry Birds
Winx Club
Super 4
Oggy and the Cockroaches

I remember when I first wrote about it?

Time for the College Try — March 28, 2019

Time for the College Try

I didn’t unfurl my odangos I wore yesterday until early the next morning. When I did my hair was all frizzy.

Since Sailor Moon Drops is gone I have so much more time to do things. I had so much more extra time in the morning before school when I was getting ready to leave. When I got to school I took the time to study. I had no game to play anymore.

It was like Imperial Exam again. Ironically Imperial Exam is the Better Than You Game this week on neopets. At least now I have the right model of calculator. I still have a hard time working it. I miss you TI-30Xa. 😭That was a little splurge with some of the deli money I had saved. I had my old Disney colored pencils I used to use for science tests. But I couldn’t have my pencil bag that I store the pencils in.

I finished the test early. Well early for me. She asked me if I filled it all out. And I did. Let’s say we were both surprised.

How accurate they were is another story. When I checked the time I thought it was really late like 12:30 or later. It was 11:30 AM! What?!

I didn’t even fantasize about shirtless members of Depeche Mode while I took it. I waited until after the test to do that. I did limit the amount of music videos I watched with them in them this week. I haven’t watched one of their videos since Sunday and it was for “Home”. None of them are shirtless in that one.

Am I like the only person who is not interested in those new BTS dolls?

Saw that new show Abby’s. It’s like a modern Cheers or something. I didn’t laugh when I watched it. It’s boring.

Tomorrow’s Just Another Day — March 27, 2019

Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

I had to get this blog out quick because my dad hogged the computer all night hoping I would spend all that time cramming. I’m not a crammer. Never was never will be.

Keep thinking today is Thursday. I woke up early to play the game.

I wore my hair in odangos; a possibly subconscious hairstyle. I didn’t used to wear fancy hairstyles to school when I took her early class because I used to wake up at 5AM to get ready. I didn’t have time for that.

At school I saw a squirrel. It looked like it was posing in a tree, but then the sound of a low flying helicopter scared it.

I got 8 right out of 25 questions. 😭 The problem is that the questions have a lot of parts to them and I get some parts right and some parts wrong. I thought “They are always looking for stockers at my old job.” That position is so terrible most people don’t say at the stocking position for more than a week. I was really pissed and sad. The teacher tells me “tomorrow is another day.” It made me think of the Madness song; “Tomorrow’s Just Another Day” for some reason.

I had some lives during the break she gives us and tried to get some playing in. Then it was over but I secretly kept playing. I thought: “Math will be around forever but this game won’t.”

Dad is on my case but I don’t care getting a job reaching my goals are more important to me than some math class.

The game shutdown somewhere between 7-8pm Pacific time.

I’ll Miss You Sailor Moon Drops —

I’ll Miss You Sailor Moon Drops

This blog will be posted while I’m at school. I will try and post/add my final screenshots of the game to my blog later.

Favorite character from the map : Dark kingdom Sailor Moon

Favorite event character: Easter Usagi or Naru
Screenshot_2018-12-22-18-47-40 - Copy

First event character: human Luna

Another character I never bothered getting was Kou Seiya (School Uniform) I didn’t even bother finishing their event. I don’t even have all the episodes from it.

The last wallpaper I completed was Helios and Chibi-usa.
Here are some of my stats.

My character roster:

Sailor Moon (Prism)Level 5
Sailor Moon (Crystal Star)Level 5
Sailor Moon (Cosmic Heart)Level 5
Super Sailor Moon (Crisis Moon)Level 5
Eternal Sailor Moon Level 5
Sailor Pluto Level 5
Sailor Mercury Level 5
Sailor Mars Level 5
Sailor Jupiter Level 5
Sailor Venus Level 2
Tuxedo Mask Level 5
School girl Usagi Level 5
Super Sailor Chibi Moon Level 5
Black Lady Level 5
Sailor Cosmos Level 5
Super Sailor Pluto Level 5
Sailor Uranus Level 3
Sailor Neptune Level 3
Easter Usagi Level 5
Chibi-Usa Level 2
Chibi-Usa (School Uniform) Level 3
Michiru Kaiou (School Uniform) Level 3
Haruka Tenou (School Uniform) Level 2
Human Luna Level 2
Princess Usagi SL Serenity Level 5
Neo-Queen Serenity (Original Colors) Level 5
Kou Yaten (Popstar) Level 3
Kou Taiki (Popstar) Level 3

Math Spiderwebs — March 26, 2019

Math Spiderwebs

I almost fell getting out of the bus when I was going to school. That bus had the same layout that the one I fell backwards in did. 😖

My dad had took the day off to do stuff. He would not stop calling me! He called right when class started and the worse thing he knows you can only make calls out and not receive calls. then I was getting random phone repair text messages. Then I was able to answer one of their calls. My mom told me to focus on my day. That’s what I needed to do “focus on my day”. And not be distracted by the random annoying phone calls from my dad.

I’m still weary about the test. There is a lot of stuff to memorize.

But I did get another map character in the game which is probably my last map character. The game ends soon and I’m really sad.
Screenshot_2019-03-26-20-10-26 - Copy

It’s like every time I try to study or do homework he has a problem with something. This time it was a paper jam in the printer that took us a half hour to fix. I told him it jammed on me Saturday morning, but like always he ignores what I say.

Test Me? — March 25, 2019

Test Me?

I took the practice test and finished most of it in 2 hours. I’m not sure how correct it was though. But I was sort of happy about that.

I’m not going to say I checked some of the answers on the cymath app. I just have to remember not to become too dependent on it like I did the last time I took an algebra class.

I decided to go to the yelp page for the store I used to work at just for kicks. I wanted to see if there were any bad reviews regarding me when I worked there, but there was nothing. I thought there was going to be one about the potato wedges at least. Or one about me singing to the rotisserie chickens. I wanted to see if there were awesome reviews regarding what a great worker they are. “I always come to the deli to see (name of worker) they really know how to cut the cheese to perfection. My meats were at the best thickness.” I put their name in yelp just to see if there were any glowing review mentioning their name.
Nothing! And no reviews regarding the deli good or bad.

I decided to use my copy of “Ultra” as a reward for behavior modification. Although the last time I tried something like that it didn’t work. But I’ll try it again.

Metal Spoon Snowball — March 24, 2019

Metal Spoon Snowball

So we baby sat my cousin yesterday. She was here earlier than usual.

I just wanted some time to work on math homework. I was really behind on it. And binge watch old game shows. Why is it my job to entertain her for all that time? Maybe because I’m the only person in the house who knows how to work the DVD player?

She was a little hyper. My mom showed her how to mold Tootsie Rolls into shapes and stuff. She told me to make one. I was just like “I saw a pikachu on tv why not make one?”

We watched my old “Bedtime Blues” Rugrats tape. The strange thing is that the DVD player part will overheat, but not the VCR part for some reason.

She tried to hit my phone with a metal spoon.😱😨

She a state float to work on. I remember I had to make one of those in 5th grade. When she told me that I could immediately see my peer’s projects in my mind. Including the person in my class who got the same state as she did. Ours were crude because it was 1995. Come to think of it that’s how I first met my future 6th grade teacher. My friend and I were brainstorming ideas for out state float project. My friend was lucky and got an easy state Hawaii. So this lady comes up to us in the cafeteria and tells us we can use her class to work on the floats and that she has art supplies. I wish my bullshit radar was stronger back then. She was one of those teachers who was like “I’m a cool teacher I like the same things you do. I’m not into old people stuff.”

After I thought about it I was reminded of what a bad student I was in 5th grade. I wouldn’t say “bad” more like “rebellious nerd”. but she doesn’t need to know that.

Good thing I prewrite those 1999 song blogs I think I should put more effort into writing those. Especially if she is starting to come at a more higher frequency per month.

She was here for 9 hours that was like a shift at the deli!

10 songs from 1999 vol 8 — March 23, 2019

10 songs from 1999 vol 8

“Let Forever Be” by the Chemical Brothers

I love the kaleidoscope effects. I think I used to know the dance moves to this music video too. I think I like this song better than “Hey Boy Hey Girl“.

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by the Offspring

Another song ruined for me by being overplayed on KROQ.

“Flowing” by 311

The music video has Eddie Kaye Thomas in it. You know I was gonna write about this video it was mentioned in this blog entry.

“Zip Lock” by Lit

The intro to this video is funny.

“N 2 Gether Now” by Limp Bizkit

“Wait and Bleed” by Slipknot

I think this song/music video was my introduction into Slipknot.

“Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad” by Moby

“Eurodisco” by Bis
Not my favorite Bis song, but I like it.

“The Trick is to Keep Breathing” by Garbage

This song is so sad.

“Emergency Emergency” by The Promise Ring
I love this song and the music video. This was another song I didn’t know was emo at the time.