Sailor Moon Drops started the event.


What if there is going to be another after this one? It ends on the 14th. Seriously I wouldn’t put it past them.


I’m only bothering to get the level 3 character.


Are Luna’s eyes supposed to be blue? They were red in the anime, but this is a manga design character.

I went to school to do some math homework. I almost got attacked by a squirrel. I kept hearing rustling but I didn’t see any people until I looked down and saw the squirrel. Then when I was sitting on a bench it was poking my dangling legs with its nose. So I talk to it and say “stop bothering me!” The people around me must think I’m crazy. So I threw it some peanuts so it would go away. It was not getting my can of Pringles. It almost tried to go into my backpack.


I got a little bit done. But I don’t feel lost.