So today is 3-11. I Inadvertently watched the music video for “Flowing” today. It was quite ironic. I was watching it as research for one of those music lists I’m working on. *Spoiler* “Flowing” appears on one of those lists. I like write a few of them in advance since they are pretty easy to write/compile.

I had to shop at the store I used to work at. I hate shopping at that location there is a reason it’s the lowest ranked store in the area. There’s no merchandise and everything is locked up. To be honest I don’t even know how that location turns a profit at all. But the most important things I learned there was be covertly mean and braggadocios. And a shitshow is a shitshow. You can’t save a sinking ship.

I read this article and I got really worried. I think that was a problem I had there and pretty much anywhere else I go.

Math is so tedious it makes me want to scream! I hate those solution mixing problems. They trip me up so much.