So we baby sat my cousin yesterday. She was here earlier than usual.

I just wanted some time to work on math homework. I was really behind on it. And binge watch old game shows. Why is it my job to entertain her for all that time? Maybe because I’m the only person in the house who knows how to work the DVD player?

She was a little hyper. My mom showed her how to mold Tootsie Rolls into shapes and stuff. She told me to make one. I was just like “I saw a pikachu on tv why not make one?”

We watched my old “Bedtime Blues” Rugrats tape. The strange thing is that the DVD player part will overheat, but not the VCR part for some reason.

She tried to hit my phone with a metal spoon.😱😨

She a state float to work on. I remember I had to make one of those in 5th grade. When she told me that I could immediately see my peer’s projects in my mind. Including the person in my class who got the same state as she did. Ours were crude because it was 1995. Come to think of it that’s how I first met my future 6th grade teacher. My friend and I were brainstorming ideas for out state float project. My friend was lucky and got an easy state Hawaii. So this lady comes up to us in the cafeteria and tells us we can use her class to work on the floats and that she has art supplies. I wish my bullshit radar was stronger back then. She was one of those teachers who was like “I’m a cool teacher I like the same things you do. I’m not into old people stuff.”

After I thought about it I was reminded of what a bad student I was in 5th grade. I wouldn’t say “bad” more like “rebellious nerd”. but she doesn’t need to know that.

Good thing I prewrite those 1999 song blogs I think I should put more effort into writing those. Especially if she is starting to come at a more higher frequency per month.

She was here for 9 hours that was like a shift at the deli!