This blog will be posted while I’m at school. I will try and post/add my final screenshots of the game to my blog later.

Favorite character from the map : Dark kingdom Sailor Moon

Favorite event character: Easter Usagi or Naru
Screenshot_2018-12-22-18-47-40 - Copy

First event character: human Luna

Another character I never bothered getting was Kou Seiya (School Uniform) I didn’t even bother finishing their event. I don’t even have all the episodes from it.

The last wallpaper I completed was Helios and Chibi-usa.
Here are some of my stats.

My character roster:

Sailor Moon (Prism)Level 5
Sailor Moon (Crystal Star)Level 5
Sailor Moon (Cosmic Heart)Level 5
Super Sailor Moon (Crisis Moon)Level 5
Eternal Sailor Moon Level 5
Sailor Pluto Level 5
Sailor Mercury Level 5
Sailor Mars Level 5
Sailor Jupiter Level 5
Sailor Venus Level 2
Tuxedo Mask Level 5
School girl Usagi Level 5
Super Sailor Chibi Moon Level 5
Black Lady Level 5
Sailor Cosmos Level 5
Super Sailor Pluto Level 5
Sailor Uranus Level 3
Sailor Neptune Level 3
Easter Usagi Level 5
Chibi-Usa Level 2
Chibi-Usa (School Uniform) Level 3
Michiru Kaiou (School Uniform) Level 3
Haruka Tenou (School Uniform) Level 2
Human Luna Level 2
Princess Usagi SL Serenity Level 5
Neo-Queen Serenity (Original Colors) Level 5
Kou Yaten (Popstar) Level 3
Kou Taiki (Popstar) Level 3