I had to get this blog out quick because my dad hogged the computer all night hoping I would spend all that time cramming. I’m not a crammer. Never was never will be.

Keep thinking today is Thursday. I woke up early to play the game.

I wore my hair in odangos; a possibly subconscious hairstyle. I didn’t used to wear fancy hairstyles to school when I took her early class because I used to wake up at 5AM to get ready. I didn’t have time for that.

At school I saw a squirrel. It looked like it was posing in a tree, but then the sound of a low flying helicopter scared it.

I got 8 right out of 25 questions. ūüė≠ The problem is that the questions have a lot of parts to them and I get some parts right and some parts wrong. I thought “They are always looking for stockers at my old job.” That position is so terrible most people don’t say at the stocking position for more than a week. I was really pissed and sad. The teacher tells me “tomorrow is another day.” It made me think of the Madness song; “Tomorrow’s Just Another Day” for some reason.

I had some lives during the break she gives us and tried to get some playing in. Then it was over but I secretly kept playing. I thought: “Math will be around forever but this game won’t.”

Dad is on my case but I don’t care getting a job reaching my goals are more important to me than some math class.

The game shutdown somewhere between 7-8pm Pacific time.