I didn’t unfurl my odangos I wore yesterday until early the next morning. When I did my hair was all frizzy.

Since Sailor Moon Drops is gone I have so much more time to do things. I had so much more extra time in the morning before school when I was getting ready to leave. When I got to school I took the time to study. I had no game to play anymore.

It was like Imperial Exam again. Ironically Imperial Exam is the Better Than You Game this week on neopets. At least now I have the right model of calculator. I still have a hard time working it. I miss you TI-30Xa. đŸ˜­That was a little splurge with some of the deli money I had saved. I had my old Disney colored pencils I used to use for science tests. But I couldn’t have my pencil bag that I store the pencils in.

I finished the test early. Well early for me. She asked me if I filled it all out. And I did. Let’s say we were both surprised.

How accurate they were is another story. When I checked the time I thought it was really late like 12:30 or later. It was 11:30 AM! What?!

I didn’t even fantasize about shirtless members of Depeche Mode while I took it. I waited until after the test to do that. I did limit the amount of music videos I watched with them in them this week. I haven’t watched one of their videos since Sunday and it was for “Home”. None of them are shirtless in that one.

Am I like the only person who is not interested in those new BTS dolls?

Saw that new show Abby’s. It’s like a modern Cheers or something. I didn’t laugh when I watched it. It’s boring.