A Digestible Elephant — March 21, 2019

A Digestible Elephant

This entry has nothing to do with eating elephant meat. It’s about trying to make things more digestible in to easy pieces.

But that store doesn’t open until 11am. I rode the later bus. Which is notorious for never being on time. Surprisingly I got there on time. I was just meandering around the classroom listening to “Music for the Masses” before class. When I get back the assignment. I knew I was not getting a grade higher than a 5 out of 10. When I saw it the grade was a 3. I called it pretty much. One point higher than I estimated. If I could describe what they are I would say a “repackaged” open notes quiz. Of course I got a bad grade on it the problems were incomplete.

I was not really paying attention in class. I was thinking about making Martin Gore fan art. But I did not actually draw anything in class.

My copy of “Ultra” came a few days early. I bought it for myself after having such a bad day yesterday. (I did not pay for faster shipping) I don’t want to listen to all of it because I have to study for my math test. I know myself too well to know that I would end up studying the songs I didn’t know and liked instead of studying for my test. When I played some of it aloud my mom asked what I was listening to. It sounds very “1997” from what I’ve listened to. It made me want to put on some wide legged baggy pants and put chunky blonde streaks in my hair. I would have bought one at that record store, but he didn’t have any copies ofย  “Ultra”.

The last 3 albums of theirs I got were “Speak & Spell”, “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and “Ultra”. Maybe I should get “Exciter” next. I only have 5 left I think? Not including their live albums and compilations.

Stuffed Crust DiGiorno pizza is so good! I just wanna throw that out there. It was so much better than the Walmart version of this. It’s so much cheaper than getting take out if you don’t mind cooking your own pizza.


Your Instinct is Right Some of the Time — March 20, 2019

Your Instinct is Right Some of the Time

My instincts were going off like crazy. I should have listened to them. It was telling me not to go to school.

I noticed I’ve been getting bad grades on the assignments/homework by making a lot of little mistakes. It fluctuates too much! >o< Should I quit now before my first test?

We are doing factoring my nemesis from the previous class I took with her. ๐Ÿ˜ก The problem with the previous more advanced class was that it moved too fast. And it expected you to know a lot of stuff.

I finally got my paragraph sorted out. I’ve been working on it for months and could just not figure out how arrange it. It was all there written, but needed some work. Laboring over one paragraph for that long is supposedly bad. Right? I have a feeling somehow this makes me a bad writer…๐Ÿค”

I was thinking about how this INFP is one selfish MF. I won’t give a random person I don’t know $300 when I don’t have it and keep it for me. Or somebody the coat off my back. Does that make me not an INFP? That is a good question when is an INFP not an INFP? I’m not sure.

I have hard time finishing the assignments they are hard and I work very slowly and I don’t have enough time to finish them. I don’t even wanna look at the grade on the one I couldn’t finish. ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜“ I think it will be really low. Like a 2. I’ve been getting piss poor grades on these and have not gotten a good grade on them since I started the class.

Good thing I didn’t wear my “Violator” button today. Once I step out of the building it was raining a little then it just starts to downpour as I walk to the bus stop. The parking lot flooded so quickly. So my pants and shoes got all wet. Then once I got the bus stop it stopped raining so hard. Just my luck!

I thought if I had stayed home and took care of what I needed to. I would not have got a bad grade on an assignment I couldn’t finish on time or stuck in a downpour. Getting a zero on the assignment would have been just as good as getting a low grade on it.

I didn’t even touch my math book all night or even attempt to do any homework.

Where is my Mind? — March 19, 2019

Where is my Mind?

The tv in my room did it again! It erased more channels. What a piece of junk! I hate it! I wanna throw it in the dumpster. But I got Qubo back! Since I haven’t been receiving or watching Qubo in months I didn’t realize they are showing 5 hours of infomercials from 10PM-3AM my local time.

I hurt myself making breakfast.

Since today is the 29th anniversary of the release of Violator I wore my button today. Mom’s birthday is the anniversary of the riot in LA. That’s why it’s easy to remember. I just don’t wanna lose it. Too bad I don’t have another 2 to make a hair bow with. It’s another reason why I like them is because they have some ties with local LA history. It appeals in my inner local history buff nerd. But I’m usually interested in more recent things than something that happened around here in say like 1836. I’d totally buy a “Halo” button.

I gave an ultimatum to myself. That if I fail the first test I quit the class. I want a “C” or better no “D”s or “F”s.

I’m getting bored with Sailor Moon Drops. Just all the constant grinding to move along the map in one last hurrah.

Just up and walked out of class only because I mistakenly thought it was break time. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ณ I guess there is a first time for everything; even doing that.

I ate some pretzels and thought “Those pretzels made me thirsty.”

During the real break time the teacher and I had another awkward meeting in the bathroom.

She said the class needed a designated note taker. She was describing carbon paper. I’m so old I know what that is. So you take the notes on the carbon paper and then you keep a copy and turn in one. I thought about it. Who would be able to read my handwriting anyway? Were we getting paid for this? I’m not even sure if I’m staying. I’m kinda bad at taking math notes anyway they are not very through because if I think I already know something I won’t write it down or write about it briefly. They are bits and pieces of things I’ve learned in math classes over the years. I don’t like drawing graphs in my notes so I write things like “this graphs a parabola”. Or worse when I write reminders to myself it says things like “buy more socks”.ย  Or occasionally doodle. I have not doodled in the notes this semester. Or the notes said something like; “Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back
And you won’t have to move
You just sit still” To date in class I have not written anybody’s song lyrics in my notes this semester.

I think I could be a good designated note taker in a non-math class like history or something. A class that does not involve calculations.

Then I asked about parent graphs and she said that was too advanced. See? I didn’t forget everything I still remember some stuff…a little. (that was from the more advanced class I took with her last year)

The bus line I ride on before the one I was in broke down so the bus got crowded. Good thing I was not on that bus. So that was something good. This was going home and not to school. It seems I can never get home on Tuesdays. There are always so many delays.

I think the school career center just sends out generic email replies telling you your resume sucks.
“Review Status: Not Approved
Hi (my name),
There are several areas of your resume or cover letter that need to be revised before approval.
Please call me or the Career Services Front Desk to schedule an appointment for a resume or cover letter review. Also, bring a printed PAPER COPY of the resume or cover letter so we can discuss it. Thank you,” (then there is some contact info)

Too bad the CSUF Titans didn’t make it to the tournament this year, but the UCI Anteaters did.

Cool email — March 18, 2019

Cool email

Let’s take another trip back to 1999. With coolemail.com. Does anybody remember this service? I would constantly see commercials for it on late night tv. Usually sandwiched between infomercials that aired early in the morning like at 1AM or before Are-oh-vee. I remember 2 different commercials one with a skydiver and one with a stockbroker.




And this print ad I found. (from my personal collection)

coolemail 001 - Copy

I never used it because I did not use the internet at that time. It was a way to check your emails by phone. Here is an article about it from 1999 and another one. That is pretty much all I can find about this service online not even an old commercial uploaded to youtube or something.


Green and Blue — March 17, 2019

Green and Blue

I’m doing my math homework and I’m reading this stuff and I’m thinking “oh crap!” They don’t look like any of the examples I saw anywhere. “What is this!?”

Then I realized I posted an unfinished blog I was not supposed to post in a sleepy stupor. So you got a “preview” of it. That entry needs a lot of rewriting and editing.

And I’m having destructive thoughts again that are about me wanting to quit school. I keep telling myself how is this level of math going to help me with what I really want to do.

I realized I’ve been talking about corned beef ramen for all these years and never posted a picture of it. So here you go a picture of it. I changed it up this year and added some green onions and peppers. Usually it’s just the corned beef and the ramen.
20190317_155707 - Copy

10 songs from 1999 vol 7 — March 16, 2019

10 songs from 1999 vol 7

“She’s Got Issues” by The Offspring

Zooey Deschanel is in this music video. My friend in biology class used to tell me this song was about somebody like me.

“The Jag” by The Micronauts

Is she in this music video too? I want to shop at that store. Attractive people taking off their clothes and dancing in their underwear? With my luck it would be all unattractive people. Or was it all in that guy’s mind?

“Calin” by Unwritten Law

At first a lot of people thought that song was about a girlfriend or something, but it’s about his daughter.

“One life One Chance” by H2O

“The Everlasting Gaze” by Smashing Pumpkins

This feels like a 2000 song to me for some reason. First single to feature Melissa Auf der Maur on bass.

“Baby Got Shot” by Verbena

“The Chemicals Between Us” by Bush

I remember in an old magazine article Gavin gave Gwen a chemistry set as a gift because of that song.

“All is full of Love” by Bjork

It’s not my favorite Bjork song.

“Yesterday’s Over” by the Pietasters
I think the little dog in the music video is so cute!

“Alien” by Pennywise
This song was ok when I first heard it then KROQ played it into the ground and I can’t stand it anymore.

I’ll Give you Credit… — March 15, 2019

I’ll Give you Credit…

So I went back to that record store. I wanted to sell 2 of my No Doubt CDs. Back when I tried to sell them to Amoeba like 10 years ago. They didn’t want to give me much.
What was the other single I was trying to sell? I can’t remember. Anyway I got $4 in store credit. Too bad there was nothing there he had that I wanted. The shirt I wanted was not in my size and he didn’t have any “Violator” buttons. He said he was ordering more shirts. I’ll come back again in like 2-4 weeks.

I saw that Dave and Martin necklace had a few dollars knocked off the price, and even with my $4 store credit. I still can’t justify to myself to buy it.ย Maybe if it was knocked down to $20.

It’s this picture on the necklace.


*wolf whistle* That picture of them has to be like from the mid 80s. This is the kind of stuff I fantasize about in math class when I’m bored and not thinking about food.

The shop owner was wearing a different Depeche Mode hat this time it was a “Master and Servant” one the last time he was wearing a “Sounds of the Universe” one.

When I was waiting for the bus playing Sailor Moon Drops I got sad because I know it is ending soon and just my luck the last day for the game is when I have a math test.

The Life of Pie — March 14, 2019

The Life of Pie

I wanna write but I need time to do it.

On the bus ride over there I was already thinking about my weekend and those commercials they used to show when I was a kid with some bored kids and its in black and white. They they get the product (usually some type of food or drink) and then they become colorized.

I bought some sundae flavor Pop Tarts to try lets see how it goes. I’m confused by the grades I get on my assignment. Hot fudge sundae are not bad would do in a pinch better than smores flavor. It smelled like corned beef in the classroom or something.

Saw a guy in the elevator with pie forgot it was pi day too bad the teacher didn’t give us any pie. ๐Ÿ˜ž I remembered I have pie at home.

I was trying to remember things I learned in my equivalent class that I took many years ago logarithms and imaginary numbers were the only things I remember.

A Lab Coat, System of Equations, and a Red Hair Bow — March 13, 2019

A Lab Coat, System of Equations, and a Red Hair Bow

Wearing my Sailor Moon shirt along with my red Minako bow. ๐Ÿ˜„ I just call it that because it’s small and red and I wear it in my hair like she does.

Forgot my Pop Tarts so I had to buy some over priced ones at school. I got some smores flavor to try. Maybe I’ll try sundae next time. They cost $1.29 for a 2 pack. ๐Ÿ˜‘

Listening to “Violator” before class makes me nostalgic.

Somebody in class wrote some homework questions on the broad, but the chapter needed a decimal point 4.1 the teacher thanked me for it because it was bothering me and looked like a 41. For some reason I was craving English muffins in class. Smores Pop Tarts are ok/so so. The chocolate to marshmallow ratio is off. They should make one with only marshmallow filling.

We were taking a long time in class and she told us to leave. She was leaving too. When I see the guy in the lab coat walk in. I wonder what he teaches? I remembered him from the elevator. I saw him last week. You’d remember somebody you saw in the math building in a lab coat.ย  Only because when I saw him the first time it made me think of Professor Proton.

I wanted to talk to her after class, but she was having office hours with somebody else. I couldn’t wait. I would have missed my bus. I’ll apologize tomorrow. It’s not like I’m not going to see her tomorrow. Unless something happens.

The Sisyphus of Math — March 12, 2019

The Sisyphus of Math

Had this weird dream about watching 80s commercials in the 80s I saw a commercial for some ballerina toys and a hotline to call. And a voice over promo to watch My Little Pony. (G1 cartoon)

The working title for this blog was “What’s Your Fantasy” you know like the Ludacris song. I had to look up when that song came out my friend and I used to sing it at lunch at school because they would play it all the time during lunch that at “Dilemma” during my senior year.

I put some bacon jerky in my backpack and when I opened it at school my whole backpack smelled like bacon. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. ๐Ÿค”

When I got some work back it was a 7/10 that like a “C”. It made me think of when Butters from South Park said “I got a check. That’s like a C!” and I heard it in his voice. My grades on the work seems to fluctuate too much. >o<

I kept dropping stuff in class.

What if my life is like a Twilight Zone episode I keep having to take math classes in a endless loop? Some kind of personal hell.

I kept seeing bunches of butterflies. At school and walking home in my neighborhood.