Let’s see how this posts. I’m pretty sure my internet is down. I’m posting this from my phone.

Anyway here is the amended blog now that I’m online.

My mom said my little cousin who is 10 is like me at that age. No way! I was a weird kid; who did weird things, ate weird food, and watched weird tv shows. I don’t think she is that weird.

I wore my 101 shirt with my Martin Gore hair bow. My mom told me I messed up a good hairstyle by wearing it. 😣 Ok thanks mom! I purposely wore it. I could just play it off as a weepy fan. Play up to the stereotype. For the record I have never openly cried in her class.

All I wanted to know was if I got a good score or not and there were only 2 outcomes.

I think she passed back the tests from worst to best. That is an old school style of passing tests back. When I got my test back it was a D-! She wrote “Get on track w/ Ch 5!” on it. You know I could have had a low “C” if I had just gotten a few more questions right like 1 or 2. That really pissed me off I legit studied for that test. 😡 I thought I should go home and listen to “Music for the Masses” and mope. And that they are always looking for stockers at my old job. I should have filled out more applications sooner. She wanted us to calculate our grade mine was a “D”.

Then she was explaining about grades and taking the next level of classes. She said once you pass this class you have enough math to get an associates degree. What?! Once I heard that I was determined to find the answer. Since I already took an equivalent class somewhere else and passed it with a “C”.

I realized there were a few more Sisyphus of math in there besides me.  I thought I needed a college level math class.

I failed college algebra twice and statistics once. Somebody asked about statistics I was telling them about it and the homework and the teacher I had. But there were a lot of problems with that class including me working  crazy hours the deli.

I made plans to do my homework and passively watch baseball.  She gave us a hard worksheet and said class was cancelled tomorrow.

When I asked she said I didn’t have any attendance problems.

And by 5PM my internet was gone. Which sucked because we couldn’t do anything it only worked for one day. Plus I wanted to spend the evening applying to jobs like crazy. Both were out the internet and the phone.

I was pissed because I had to spend my day off waiting for a telephone repair person.

I got a lot of homework done because I didn’t have the internet. Well only my phone, and I can’t do much on that.