Still no internet. Not sure when its coming back. Which makes me sad and angry.

So i had to go to the school to do something

They told me there was a service there to help me. But they didn’t know where it was or the contact information.

Do they even exist?!


I had to go to the school to take care of things because my internet was down.

When I got there I went to the library because I thought they might have state tax forms there. So I ask the librarian she tells me they don’t have any, but the school has tax preparation services for students so she looks it up. We see there is no contact information of even a building to go to or anything. We were both confused by it. What is with this school and “services” that don’t exit!? Do they only do that to make it look like they have a lot of programs or something? It’s like how they try to pass off the radio and broadcasting major as a club for some reason. Still don’t understand that one.

When I got to the career center the girl working there was just chatting with somebody for a long time. I hate when they do that! It’s as bad as when you shop at the store and the cashier is mindlessly chatting with a coworker and they are wasting your time and holding up the line. Apparently the person there who does resume reviews is very exclusive or something. Even though they send you generic automated emails that tell you your resume sucks. Which really makes no sense. I told the chatty girl working there I could not make an appointment at home because my internet was down. There were no appointments available until Monday the 15th. I was told I could wait around, but I’m not falling for that again! I guess that person is really sought after or something?

Then after I got my appointment I remembered what I heard Tuesday that if I passed the math class I was in I could get an associates degree. And since I took the equivalent class before at another school and got a “C” would I be close to graduating? Why not ask? What did I have to lose? Then I could leave quicker. I’m willing to try anything, but then doubt came over me and I thought “what if there is some hard unforeseen class besides math I haven’t taken or some unforeseen loophole?” I got an appointment for Monday. I’d find out soon.

With all that squared away I decided to take a trip to the record store. I wanted to see if he got new buttons/shirts. More buttons to make custom hair bows with. When I got there I was really hungry and thought I’d go to the Subway in the shopping center after. He said he was having his lunch. After looking around for a while I saw he didn’t have anything I wanted. He told me he would not get any Depeche Mode shirts for a while, and that he is not in charge of ordering buttons somebody else does that. He was busy prepping for Record Store Day. I’ll wait until he gets more merchandise I think I’ve been visiting his store too frequently.

Since I didn’t spend much time in his store I thought I’d go have lunch at Subway. There were people before me and I had to wait. It smelled good in there, but the food looked disgusting. Some guy was ordering a sandwich with guacamole. He was getting really excited about it. Dancing around and punching the air like a sports team mascot. He was way too excited about a sandwich. Even the sandwich artist pointed it out. I wanted a sandwich they apparently don’t sell anymore. So I promptly left frustrated and hungry.

I thought I’d just something to eat when I get to the Target. When I get there I’m looking for something to eat maybe they had some prepackaged sandwiches. But they didn’t

While I’m shopping for crackers. I get a text message from the phone company that they are coming to my house. Which sucks because I can’t communicate this in anyway to my mom who is at home. They were supposed to come tomorrow on Saturday. But there was nothing I could do.

When I checked out I didn’t have a bag so I stuffed all the groceries I bought in my big purse. they barely fit. I only bought 3 things but they were bulky, and I had to walk home with them.

After that I went to the Pizza Hut express there to get something to eat. It made me think about that Family Guy episode when Stewie worked at the Pizza Hut in the Target. Sadly Stewie does not work at that one. It was some lady. I saw there were pre-made personal pan pizzas there in a coup warmer thing. I almost bought one until part of me used my deli skills to wonder how long had that pizza been there? Two hours? Three hours? Four? If I had not worked there I would not have thought of that. And there were no times on them not even forged ones. So I was not taking my chances with those pizzas. So I decided to get a hot dog instead they were not in the coup thing. I was hoping they would be fresher than the ones from the deli that used to just sit around in the coup. Then they would get all hard and crusty and the buns were terrible from sitting that long. Although the hot dogs at the Target cost more. When I bought it the lady took out a bun and a hot dog from the hot dog water steamer thing. At least it was a little fresher than the ones from the deli. You’re paying extra for the freshness? I also got some bread sticks just to try.

The lady working there was complaining to another worker about there was too much expired food and sodas. I though I should have offered to throw it out and see if I could get a job doing that with my deli experience. But I didn’t because I thought it would be too weird more than showing gumption. That is like something somebody could have or would have done in like the 1950s or something.

My former boss is right this place is dead. After I ate the hot dog I walked home eating the bread sticks. They were not bad. They were a little chewy. I’ve had worse.

When I get home my mom is mad at me because the phone company came and I was not there to tell them the problem. I told her I got the text message, but how was I going to communicate it to her. She said that this guy asked if the place was painted recently. Which it was on the outside. He said the painters may have cut and stolen the copper wire. But he couldn’t help us because he doesn’t install copper wire. The guy that came 2 days before him didn’t communicate that problem well. So we had to wait and see what would happen with the management company.