Wanted to blog but fell asleep and woke up past midnight. I got one back blog posted.

I thought I need a graduation playlist. With some Uncanny Alliance, No Doubt, Depeche Mode and Third Eye Blind.

My mom asked if I was going to be in the graduation ceremony. I told her I don’t want to because it costs a lot and they deal with Jostens. I don’t need gowns or rings or anything like that. Although I could make myself a candy lei.

Somebody was wearing some kind of leather strap garter thing. It reminded me of something Martin Gore would wear. It was hard to think of a good complement that didn’t make me sound like a perv. So I didn’t say anything.

For some strange reason I was craving Chicken McNuggets in class with Sweet and Sour sauce.

We had to do a review sheet. Since I knew I was going to leave the class I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to do well on it.  But she caught a few mistakes and told me to fix them.

My backpack is falling apart. The lining is coming off on the inside. I should really retire it.

I had been meaning to ask my teacher what the guy who comes in on Wednesdays in the lab coat teaches. She told me the guy in the lab coat teaches chemistry in the math building. I mean he really stands out. She said it’s strange because he teaches a science class in the math building.

Later after school when I was napping and my mom woke me up because a lizard got in the house. It took us a while to get it out.