So I’m still trying to get all my online affairs straightened out I know it’s gonna take me more than 2 days.

I stayed up late watching this video about Andy Fletcher.

I washed my hair in the morning. And when I styled my hair in odangos they came out really great. They usually do with wet hair or at least they do with my hair.

I drank too much instant coffee in the morning and it made me burpy and hiccupy.

I missed the bus this morning because it came early so I had to wait like a half hour for the next one. That later one I got on was crowded. you know it’s crowded when people on it are standing. It brought back memories of all those fussy babies on the bus. But the bus thinned out eventually.

That goth girl was wearing a sailor dress/fuku type thing. She makes interesting fashion choices. 🤔

I was goofing off and writing about that Fletch video I had watched. I think the guy next to me thought I was taking a lot of notes but I was just writing about riding the bus and that video.

When I got the review sheet back I got a perfect score. Never got one of those before. Ironic since I’m leaving the class today. Figures I’d do well when I don’t put pressure on myself to do well.

We got an evacuation drill notice, but we didn’t leave because the building we were in wasn’t listed.

I didn’t notice she was leaving. So I had to complement her on her dress. Because I was browsing Depeche Mode media online on my phone. I was thinking about buying a book or a DVD about them. Why does the price for the book Monument fluctuate so much?

All the time I was in this class I did not fall asleep during it. Like I did in my previous math classes. I’m very proud of that.