I had to go to school to take a reading test. Before I went there I went to the 7-11 near the school. I wanted a caffeinated drink. They were selling Detective Pikachu cups. For $3.99.
I can’t get into the Detective Pikachu movie. The Pokémon look weird and creepy.
They were also selling random Pokemon toys that were $24-14. They were really trying to sell them to me because I was wearing my Pokémon shirt. (this was unintentional)

The school has bricks you can buy on a pathway that they sell that you can get personalized and dedicate to graduating classes and people. I noticed there was a brick dedicated to my former speech teacher. The sentiments on the brick echoed how I felt about him. So I guess he touched somebody else too. I’m gonna tell my cousin to take his class. Who knows she might like him.

The test wasn’t that hard. I read the sample questions and I was not stressed out about it. I’ll know the results some time tomorrow. With this I’ll be one step closer to graduation.