This is the fake boy band edition.

When I took that diction class and my group came up with the theme of a boy band skit. (not my idea BTW) Later after school when I was watching Night Court and that J.G. Wentworth commercial came on with the boy band. That’s how I came up with the line for my script. “I know we’re better than; them Fresh Step, Dudez-a-Plenti, The Meaty Cheesy Boys, 2gether, 3 Count, DuJour, Boyz4Now, 7 Degrees Celsius, and Party Posse.” I was gonna put Fingerbang on there, but I thought it was inappropriate for class. The joke was that all the boy bands the character named are fake/made up ones.

“Trailer Ras” by Long Beach Dub All Stars

I could never get into this group.

“Tender” by Blur

“Sleep now in the Fire” by Rage Against the Machine

“Identify” by Natalie Imburgila
Not as popular as her cover of “Torn” or “Wishing I was There” this is from the Stigmata movie soundtrack.

“We Are” by Vertical Horizon

Most people remember their song “Everything You Want”, but this is a good song too.

“Unpretty” by TLC

I’ll never forget that scene in the music video with the implants being removed. (The version I posted is the children’s version and is missing the implants scene)

“Get in Line” by Barenaked Ladies

“Can’t Get You Outta My Heart” by 3 Count
Nothing like wrestling and boy bands.

“Ultimate Cheeseburger” by The Meaty Cheesy Boys
Their song helped me remember what is in the ultimate cheeseburger “Cheese meat cheese cheese meat and that’s it”. They even preformed this song at the 1999 Billboard awards.

“You Gotta be Fresh” by Fresh Step

What a funny name! They are named after the brand of kitty litter. Pre-Glee Matthew Morrison was in this boy band. From the fictional movie Talk to the Hand starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Van Der Beek.