Since I realized I can graduate this semester and the deed is pretty much done. I skipped class today. I had been phoning it in for the past week in class anyway, and doing a poor job of it.

I finally cashed my refund check, and I have plans to buy frivolous things. Depeche Mode stuff, secret hobby things, and a new MP3 player. It was funny when the banker said I was saving my money. I have to keep it there or I would buy even more frivolous things.

I’ve been in the market for one since last spring when mine was acting up. My dad wants to “help”, but “helping” is just him telling me I bought the wrong one or it’s too expensive or something. Why does he have to criticize what I buy? It’s not like he is going to use it daily.

I got another hair bow and I made a new one a Dave one. So now I have a Dave bow and a Martin one. (I also realized I never posted the picture of my Martin one)