I had to go back to the school to bring my gradation petition in. I forgot to bring it on Monday. šŸ˜“šŸ˜³

Before I went to sleep I thought what if I run into that girl from math class at the bus stop? I’m not going to class today and I missed yesterday.

Later when I get to the bus stop I see she’s there and think. “Oh crap! She’s here! Oh well I didn’t bring my notebook or anything.” Once I see everything is in order I’ll drop the class.

When I was walking to the admissions building I saw this squirrel. I think it’s a different one from the one that poked me who lives by the Geology building. It’s skinnier and this one lives by the school grill or cafe or whatever they call it now. It kept moving around, so it was hard to photograph but it didn’t bother me.
20190417_085644 - Copy
20190417_085648 - Copy

When I turned it in they said there was nothing else I needed. What a relief. *sighs* I was just so pumped I stupidly dropped the class there at the school. And forgot about the bus pass. Once the class was dropped my bus pass is invalid. Ok not a problem I just had to pay a few dollars to get home and that was on me.

So now I’m pretty sure everything is in order for me to graduate in spring of 2019. It only took me what 17 years of going to school on and off. Wait that is kinda sad. Ok really sad.

Why is flickr making it even harder to use?